Will Selectman (Veteran) Kevin McCarthy vote for the Veteran candidate for Police Chief?

As we enter into the Memorial Day Weekend, our thoughts are with the veterans and heroes, men and women that gave their lives for our country. Cohasset has one of the premier Memorial Day parades in the country. The Cohasset Board of Selectmen through the years has always supported the veterans and the parade by marching behind the veterans. Sadly, depending on what happens next Tuesday, Cohasset may give a black eye to its long history of Veteran’s preference in leadership in the police department.

So as we ponder the sacrifices, we can’t help but wonder how some of the leadership on the Cohasset Board of Selectmen are going to handle the dilemma they now find themselves in. Let’s take vice chairman Kevin McCarthy, a veteran himself, who ran on several platforms, one was “many voices one town” and the other one more interesting for this article that he was a veteran and “he will do more for veterans”. I remember last year when he was running, one of his supporters said Kevin would always do the right thing when it comes the protecting veterans that served our great country.

Many in town think it should be a requirement for leadership in police organization to have a military background. After all, the police department is a quasi-military organization, where the chain of command should be obeyed and if it is not, it is considered insubordination. If a Cohasset Police Chief recommended a promotion, you can bet any dissatisfied candidate caught instigating a political campaign against his superior to countermand the promotion would be cashiered for insubordination.

Well according to well-placed sources at French Memories, Kevin McCarthy is seriously considering voting against the leading candidate for Police Chief in Cohasset on next Tuesday May 26th. The day after Memorial Day. The day after he marches in the Memorial Day Parade, basking in the parade as the second highest selectmen in Cohasset, in the patriotic scenes that are such an exemplar of America.

Cohasset Veterans and Veterans across Massachusetts will be watching Cohasset closely for the results of this veteran vice chairman’s vote. Is he really going to vote against the top candidate, a Massachusetts National Guard veteran, like himself, to appease a vocal minority of his supporters who want a non-veteran Police Chief in Cohasset? The candidate with a masters degree in Criminal Justice versus a candidate with no master’s degree should be a no brainer in Cohasset that values education so much. All things being equal, a veteran verses a non-veteran should be a no-brainer also. Bit all things aren’t equal. In the three years Bill Quigley has been chief he has taken the police department exactly no-where. It is time for new leadership. Comperchio has a BA from Western New England College and he has had it for a while. Officer Quigley just a year ago was short a few credits on his BA. Since a BA is a prerequisite to hiring our police officers now, it begs the question, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Then there is the issue of bait and switch in advertising. Well Cohasset has advertised saying it wanted to hire a police chief and all comers were welcomed. A veteran, a police officer that has command responsibilities for a force many several times larger than Cohasset’s, two towns away, suddenly isn’t a “good fit” for Cohasset. So no we’re going to impose new criteria that only favor Acting Chief Bill Quigley? No, I’m sorry, the Board of Selectmen owes us more explanation on why they aren’t picking the clear winner of a multi-state search. And frankly, saying this is what the police department wants, doesn’t cut it anymore. An acting police chief that allows the police union to buy political signs on his behalf, to campaign on his behalf for the promotion (August-September 2013) is showing poor judgment at the least.

Tune in on Tuesday night when vice chairman Kevin McCarthy tells you how many e-mails and comments he’s had from vast numbers of citizens and he votes to reject a superbly qualified veteran and candidate that came through a tough selection process that he once endorsed.

Kevin, what happened to your campaign promise to always support a veteran when possible? What is more important to you, protecting a well qualified veteran and superior candidate from small town politics or taking care of your political friends?

This Memorial Day in Cohasset, when you see the selectmen marching in the glory of Memorial Day parade, behind the veterans, hopefully instead of in front of them, give them a shout out about supporting our veterans, especially those that are willing to come here in Cohasset, professionally. Otherwise Cohasset is sending a terrible message that doesn’t quite measure up to our Memorial Day.


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