Why you should vote for Martha Gjesteby

Martha Gjesteby, if elected, will hold a keystone seat on the Cohasset Board of Selectmen. She, along with two other Selectmen to be elected in 2013, will choose the next Town Manager and/or Town Administrator.

Selectmen are laying low at the present time. They have given Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski a 15 month contract which will be up in September 2013. It is their hope that Annual Town Meeting 2013 will vote against the Strong Town Manager Act and support a Town Administrator; I am told by several sources that the Governance Committee after much study will vote to recommend a Town Administrator form of government at Annual Town Elections 2013.

Town Counsel has said that unless Acting Town Manager Mike Milansoki is separated from the town for a one year period of time, he could never be appointed Town Manager. However, he could be appointed Town Administrator, which has no separation requirement.

The Board of Selectmen fired a perfectly fine Town Manager to reach Milanoski and now it is prepared to change our form of government to keep him. Incredible.

A vote for Gjesteby will break up the cabal and put voters in position of  making a difference on the board for the good of the Town.

Gjesteby said:

“We are a government of laws, not men.
When our laws break down, our men break down.”


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