Why Joe Comperchio should be Cohasset’s Permanent Police Chief

Anonymous Commenters and Anonymous Facebook Page Publishers are showing up on Cohasset Facebook Pages and Blogs

Some people are going the anonymous route because they are seeking privacy.

  1. Others are using their anonymous Facebook IDs to make comments on blog posts, or to run anonymous Facebook Pages that are titillating and oftentimes, self-serving.
  2. If an individual has 5 or more Facebook pages that’s fine with Facebook. Facebook doesn’t know who you are either, and doesn’t care. In 2012 almost half of the social networking firm was bought by private shareholders. Those shareholders make money via the information they collect on every user.

Facebook doesn’t really want you to be anonymous because it purports to not permit anonymous Facebook account IDs. But, you can set up a Facebook account under a pseudonym and nobody from Facebook will give you any problems. It is not possible to reign in over 1 billion Facebook accounts. However, if Facebook’s attention is drawn to someone being both very political and anonymous, Facebook might cancel that site.

If you are using your anonymous Facebook account to continue to communicate with friends and family, your secret will eventually be revealed. Cookies planted on your machine by the networking site will also give you away, as lawsuits have proven. But you are probably not doing that.

If you are using your anonymous site to harass others, leave nasty comments, etc., you have already invested in a personal VPN account. This permits you, if you have your own server, to be pretty much invisible to the world.

And of course you set up your browser to block all third-party cookies, and you eat your cookies at the end of every session. And then you set up your Facebook anonymous account with false credentials. It is sad for me to report to you that Cohasset’s Shadow Government has latched on to all of this and more.

Citizens for a Safe Cohasset (CSC) is owned by an anonymous person. From the beginning we believed but did not know it was initiated by Cohasset Acting Police Chief William Quigley. Here’s why. A general search of the site’s name sent readers directly to the Cohasset Police Department. The site’s name was wedded to the Computer’s IP identify at creation.

Initially, this Facebook page (CSC) had all kinds of priority police photos on it that were taken down after TinytownUnleashed began commenting. A local man reported commenting on the page and within seconds the man said a police photo of him appeared on the site. Soon after that, the page came to a standstill while the owner or now joint owners, thought about things. We certainly hope so. We also hope Town Manager Chris Senior is doing an investigation of this site, but we truly doubt it, as Selectman Steve Gaumer is now Police Commissioner.

Currently, the site claims to be owned by anonymous concerned citizens, none of whom are willing to share their names. We are to surmise they are good people and they know best. But they cannot tell us who they are.

Strange people (person) are making comments on this page: Mark Smith, Frank Underwood, Tom Stark. They are people without photos, people without friends, people who are strangely anonymous. People who are, quite possibly, made up.

The reason I am mentioning this is because it is thought that this Facebook Page may become steaming hot as Quigley fans begin their new and final push to make Quigley permanent chief. Please realize that many of these fans may not be real people. All those names could be one person working out of one office on his own server.

Ronnie and David McMorris wrote an open letter in the Cohasset Mariner to now former resident Peter DeCaprio early in January 2014. Here’s the entire letter: http://wp.me/p3o8kv-3xU

Here’s the skinny: “Last year it came to my attention that someone was anonymously posting lengthy and hateful diatribes about me, my children and later, my husband. A second true fact is that my lawsuit uncovered from Gatehouse Media the sources, including IP addresses of these vile posts and the only match belonged to Crow Point Partners, your firm. I have to date not responded to any of this, because frankly it is beyond any normal expectations from a stranger and it is so filled with hate. However, this stalking in written form does not stop. It is slanderous and libelous and at this point I feel personally threatened.”

And so, when you see a strange name on a Mariner blog, a name with no photos, no friends, no nothing (and they are starting to show up) here’s how you report a fake account:

  1. Go to the profile
  2. Click on the cover photo and select Report
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to file a report

Facebook doesn’t allow accounts that:

  • Pretend to be you or someone else
  • Use your photos
  • List a fake name
  • Don’t represent a real person

You can also send an e-mail to Mary Ford. mford@wickedlocal.com However, she was one of the very first to LIKE the anonymous Citizens for a Safe Cohasset Facebook page. It’s hard to know why. Newspapers are supposed to believe in process and in law: Mary never has, when it came to Billy Quilgey.


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