When, in the Course of human events … indeed!

By Bob Montgomery Thomas

“When, in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

According to recent reports, seven members of a Midwest militia known as “The Hutaree” are on trial for conspiring over a few beers to commit sedition to “take our nation back.”  Perhaps with such an underwhelming, seven-man fighting force they should consider calling themselves “The Hootenanny’s” or “The Whatchamacallit’s.”

I believe they were doomed from the start because you need at least 10 people to initiate any kind of petition or class-action lawsuit today.  Think about that for a moment – seven whole people (7) – were plotting to overthrow our ENTIRE thoroughly-corrupted federal government; where they would be vastly outnumbered by the 535 Congressional stalwarts and one Big MacCheese-head in Washington, DC alone?

That’s a formidable 76 to 1 ratio; not including all the hacks the 536 employ and all the union-hack turnpike tollbooth workers they’d have to encounter along the way to DC to declare, as late, former Army General and Secretary of State Alexander Haig once proclaimed in Haig-speak after the attempted assassination of President Reagan, “As of now, (we’re) in control here!”

In my opinion, the LameStream media of the time – which has not changed any of its LameStream tunes or methods since – purposely misconstrued what then-Secretary Haig was saying and proceeded to beat him ignominiously with their over-reaching, over-sensationalized line-of-succession bullhorn trumpeting.

The Latest Seven, as I am wont to call them – not to be confused with The Chicago Seven or actress Jeri Ryan who played the glittery, once-assimilated (Cy)Borg drone, Seven of Nine; known for her cybernetic implants and décolletage in the acclaimed (at least to me) Star Trek: Voyager series, (sorry for digressing) … well, The Latest Seven were arrested in March, 2010 in southern Michigan, Indiana and Ohio: Ohio mind you, where then-Governor James A. Rhodes sent in (Neil Young’s) National Guard “tin soldiers” on May 4, 1970 to quell unrest over our ever-escalating Vietnam engagement at the theretofore quiet college campus at Kent State.

(What if you knew him and saw him dead on the ground?)

Students nationwide were staging protests after then-President Nixon expanded the unwinnable Vietnam“war” into Cambodia; with no success if you recall, except for the money that was made by various partners of the Military-Industrial Complex and their minions.  We shouldn’t forget the sticky-fingered, greasy members of Congress of the time either I suppose; not that they could be bought.

At Kent State, four students were killed, eight wounded, with one permanently paralyzed  when Guard troops sent to disperse the crowds spiraled out of control and suddenly became trigger happy. The Kent demonstra-tion, meant to be one of many peaceful demonstrations against the war, ended abruptly and violently when the troops fired into the crowd for 13 seconds at distances ranging from 270 to 390 feet. Some of the affected students weren’t even involved in the demonstration.  The killings – murders I should say – and woundings sparked a nationwide student strike that closed many colleges and universities.

(Ohio Guard’s brave troops  fired 76 rounds at unarmed students in 13 seconds at Kent State)

One might have thought that members of The Latest Seven from Ohio would have learned from Ohio’s storied past and present Storm Trooper-related history; one of the many egregious current events being the Gestapo-like raid of the Manna food collective in December, 2008, where heavily-armed, federally-trained jackboots; wearing masks, terrorized a family and a house full of children over some Agricultural Department cheese-head’s personal war with the family’s practice of trading of milk, eggs, meat and other provisions with like-minded families. http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/press/press-15dec2008.htm

But it’s the Hutaree who are being charged with sedition?

As an aside, I said “Vietnam engagement” above because the JFK-Johnson US governments of the time had absolutely no idea of how to wage or win a “war”.  I won’t speak here of one of several allegations that it could have been about potential oil under the Gulf of Tonkin; where sonar devices were allegedly used to determine what sort of yield could be under the sea’s shelf when US airmen dropped unspent bombs and other munitions in the Gulf before returning to their carriers and land-based airfields.

Over 55,000 Americans and untold numbers of Vietnamese combatants and civilians lost their lives and all we have to show for it is John F’N Kerry and a black granite wall?  Shirley you jest!

Here’s something to think about.  Why else does our nation go to war other than to control energy resources to further enrich our contemptible oil baron families?  Or – why aren’t we drilling right here, right now when we know our reserves will last until such time that we can power things with anti-gravitational devices?  Well maybe, in their astute wisdom, the bastardly oil barons and their administration minions feel that we should suck the rest of the world dry of its resources before we tap our own – all the while further augmenting their personal fortunes and dynasties by driving up prices and distributing political graft.  Who knows?

Back to The Latest Seven: the Obama government will waste much time and millions of taxpayer dollars to persecute – oops, I meant prosecute – these seven minor-league, lily-white villains to the fullest extent of the law.  But major-league douchebag AG Eric Hold-this is going to get a free pass on “Fast and Furious?”  Does anyone besides me sense a smokescreen being fanned over a wide area to cover some bureaucratic asses?  Why not just blame George W. Bush?  He won’t mind.

The Obama government used domestic spies to infiltrate the Hutaree under the guise of suppressing rebellion.  However, it seems to me that his government itself was fomenting an alleged rebellion with its deceitful, agent provocateur actions.

The FBI had planted a spy, Terrence Brooks Norman, at Kent State, and a new investigation into the killing of unarmed US citizen-students was launched about two years ago.  More to come…

When in the Course of human events indeed!

Perhaps the reasons that caused the Patriots of 1776 to pen the fabled Declaration of Independence and to challenge the King and his armies have come full circle.  After all, it is said that history is forever doomed to repeat itself.  It almost seems daily that this administration is daring the People to rise up and revolt; if nothing more than to test its latest sophisticated weaponry on its own people.  Do you think despots are limited to just the Middle East and other tinhorn countries?  We imported The One we have.

Someday our spiraling-out-of-control government may get its wish if the People get tired of its never-ending crap and corruption;  but I’m not holding my breath for that day and neither will I be on the big white horse leading the charge or counter-charge yelling, “Hi-Ho Silver!”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCO6smQrjJ8

A majority of Americans are spineless pukes and I have no intention of being anyone’s dead, five-minute-hall-of-fame – almost-hero unless I am personally threatened.  With the way things are going lately, that’s not beyond my imagination.

Maybe we can get Mel Gibson and a bunch of battle-hardened, ax-wielding Braveheart-type Scots wi’ ‘earty orbs ‘neath their stylish Tartans; or perhaps; better yet, we can ask Prof. Lizzy Warren to throw some of her legendary Wall Street rocks at somebody.  She can even take credit for the idea’s genesis too.


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