What about a Public Public Partnership with Scituate Water?

My husband, Ray Kasperowicz, brought up the possibility of a PPP (Public Public Partnership) with Scituate Water at the first and only public hearing the Cohasset Water Commission held on its Water RFP. We know that Scituate needs water and we need somebody to run our water plant. Why don’t we give them a certain amount of water to be determined in return for running our plant? We save money, they get water. In a PUP neither partner expects to earn a profit. The goal is to improve efficiency, efficacy and equity.

Scituate and Cohasset share the same watershed. We already send some water their way. It sounds like a win-win for everybody. Read this document on the same: WaterPUPs

Noted:  When we watched Our Town Wednesday night (April 18) Cohasset Water Chair Peter DeCaprio said Annual Town Meeting would only get to give water commissioners the right to enter into a concession contract, not to vote on the final contract itself at a continued town meeting. The Our Town show was filmed a week and a half ago, so maybe this was updated. Selectmen as recently as this past week were talking about a continued town meeting in order for ATM to vote on the chosen contract, which I certainly hope is the case.  I have asked Cohasset Selectman Chair Ted Carr to advise us on this. Under state statue any contract that would be in effect for more than 3 years must go to town meeting. It is unlikely that town meeting will vote to give its power to water  commissioners. It would be a very dangerous thing to do.

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  1. peter decaprio
    April 20, 2012 at 9:28 am

    November 18th, 2002 special town meeting. Article 14.
    Annual Town Meeting, March 28th, 1998. Article 7.

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