Weymouth’s Joe Comperchio is Cohasset Town Manager’s Choice for Police Chief

Chris Senior Chooses A Police Professional for Cohasset Chief

Forty-nine year-old Joseph C. Comperchio, Jr., Executive Officer of the Weymouth Police Department since 2010, is Cohasset Town Manager Chris Senior’s choice for the permanent position of Cohasset Police Chief.

Comperchio, a 26-year Law Enforcement Professional, addressed Selectmen last night, but Selectmen had few questions as they had just learned of Senior’s appointment that same evening. “There are probably people in this audience who know more about you than we do,” Selectman Diane Kennedy told Comperchio.

Selectmen will invite Comperchio to their next meeting and decide whether to vote the appointment up or down, which is the Board’s right by law. (Related article: http://wp.me/p3o8kv-3Yr)

Stephen H. Unsworth, founder of Badge Quest, spoke to Selectmen about the process before Senior introduced Captain Comperchio to his board. Unsworth noted that Senior did not make the Easy decision. “The Best thing to do is the right thing to do.” It’s not a secret that Senior has been pressed by a small, vocal minority in the community to hire Acting Police Chief William Quigley or lose his job.

Unsworth said Comperchio scored in the Excellent category in Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – the only candidate to have done so. One of the officers assisting in assessing the candidates called Comperchio’s address to police officers exercise “inspirational.”

Newly elected Selectman Paul Schubert asked Unsworth if all three finalists would be reasonable, adequate chiefs for the Town of Cohasset.

Unsworth took a long pause before answering:
“There is great disparity in the quality of the candidates.”

“But could any one of them be chief?” Schubert pressed.

Unsworth said Senior’s choice of Comperchio was based on Comperchio’s ability to lead the department into the future.

Selectman Karen Quigley said she was more than satisfied with the fairness and professionalism of the search. She added that two Selectmen no longer on the board would also be pleased.

Select Chair Steve Gaumer wondered how it was decided that Comperchio “fit” the community. Senior said “fit” was part of the whole process. “We saw outstanding, incredulous resumes,” Senior said, wondering why some of them would even choose to be Chief in a small town.

“Remember where you came from,” Gaumer said, laughing. Senior himself came from a large Township in New York.

“No one credential led to this decision. I took the time, Steve (Unsworth) and I shared information. I met with all candidates informally and they asked honest questions about the community” and Senior said he gave them honest answers.

But Senior said when talking with Comperchio, he realized that the department could achieve things “I didn’t know we could achieve.

“At the end of the day, one name came to the top.” And that one name was Joe Comperchio.”

In addressing the Board of Selectmen, Comperchio said he was a compassionate person and he had a lot of pride and passion for police work. He said he had been involved in a lot of programs in Weymouth that he would like to try here. He said he is a good listener, firm and fair, but has high expectations for himself and others.

“As a new chief, I would be seen as a change agent. But change sometimes is not a bad thing.”

Comperchio has a BA Degree in Law Enforcement from Western New England College and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College.

Since 2010 Comperchio has served as the Executive Officer of the 94-member Weymouth Police Department. He oversees budget development and management, policy and procedure development, labor negotiations, grant coordination, project planning and development, capital improvement, keeper of the records, procurement, strategic planning and accreditation manger. He also assists in supervising police personnel in the performance of their official duties, maintaining discipline, resolving and coordinating issues, concerns and grievances and providing training and motivation.

From 2011 to Present Comperchio has served as an assessor for the Ma Police Accreditation Commission in which he evaluated police department standards to obtain certification or Accreditation.

For eight years Comperchio served as an instructor of the Municipal Police Training Committee in Randolph, MA where he was both a staff subject matter instructor in Matters of Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Motor Vehicle Law, Arrest and Processing of Detainees and the Introduction to the Criminal Justice systems.

At the start of his career Comperchio was a leader. He was elected and served as the Class President of the 11th Mass. Criminal Justice Training Council Academy for Municipal Police Officers and was awarded Honor Graduate from the Southeastern Mass. Police Chief’s Association.

He oversees the funding for the Junior Police Academy as a volunteer. He has served as Vice President of the Patrolman’s Union and President and Vice-President of the Superior Officer’s Union. In 1998 He received the Robert P. Dana Award from the Norfolk County District Attorney for actions by a law enforcement officer that exceed above and beyond the call of duty. Joe will receive the FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Award for the successful completion of the Supervisor Leadership Institute, Command Leadership Institute and the Executive Leadership Institute.

He has attended the Supervisor Leadership Institute, Executive Leadership and Command Institute for Law Enforcement Executives form FBI-LEEDA, Grant writing and Policy Development from Roger William University, Training Programs from The New England Institute of Law Enforcement Management, Babson College and Sergeants Basic Training from the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council.

He further served his country as a Staff Sergeant for the 42nd Military Police Company, Massachusetts Army National guard from 1984-1994.

Comperchio is married to Debbie, a nurse at South Shore Hospital. They have three children. Joe is active in youth sports as a coach in baseball, soccer and summer basketball and youth football league.

A quote on his resume says:

“A leader’s job is to look into the future and to see the organization not as it is…but as it can become…”

In all of his 26 years as a police professional, Comperchio has had to use his weapon only once.

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