Town hall contracts still being debated and re-done

Cohasset Selectmen were hoping news of their peccadillos would disappear in time.

Afterall, people (even bloggers) start getting tired of the  bickering.

It now appears that town elections and annual town meeting will keep selectmen in the minds and the hearts of voters – at least in the near future.

The Boston Globe ran two interesting articles last week. One was on how town managers everywhere are faring in their towns – not very well it would seem. On Easter Sunday The Boston Sunday Globe, Globe South, did a follow-up on Cohasset’s terminated town manager, Mike Coughlin, and the afterglow regarding contracts Coughlin signed with 14 town employees. Actually, the Globe only discussed the planning board’s planning coordinator’s position.

At last week’s selectmen’s meeting the planning board showed up at the end of the meeting to wack the selectmen again – greatly displeasuring selectmen

The facts as I think I know them

Money was put into last fall’s special town meeting budget for a planning coordinator for the planning board.  Sometime in January 2012 after the planning coordinator’s new position was an actuality, the planning coordinator met with selectmen to discuss the rest of FY12 and FY13. Selectmen greeted Jo-Ann Pilczak warmly, offering her congratulations.

Pilczak’s position was a new, supervisory position, not part of the union. Pilczak left the union after she was promoted.

Union position replaced

Concurrently, another $10,000 was budgeted for a part time employee for planners. This position was a clerical position to be funded by the building department and planners. Another $10,000 would come out of the building department.

Thus, the clerical union would not become smaller – it would remain the same size, by contract.

Why then would the union object to someone being promoted out of the union? Is that even in the union’s purview? Why does the union think everyone in the union should get a $10,000 raise? Mary Snow, enlighten us.

At one recent meeting selectman chairman Ted Carr told those in attendance that no town employees would suffer over these contract do-overs, that they would be made whole. Mark Brennan was officially fired last week, but we now have now learned that he may after-all, continue to be employed as a 1099.

It is unclear what has happened to Jen Oram, former assistant to the town manager. But when acting town manager Mike Milanoski showed the board of selectmen the paperwork on Oram selectman Diane Kennedy gasped and said something to the effect that this wasn’t fair and they should wait until she returned from her leave of absence.

Meanwhile, still lots of people in the second amended judgment sewer area who have not applied for sewer and that could result in our being fined by the state for multi-thousands of dollars a day.

Whatever are the town fathers and mother doing about this? Nothing of which this blogger is aware.

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