Tom Callahan endorses Fred Koed for Cohasset Selectman

I would like to take a little of your time to encourage you to vote for Fred Koed for Selectman in our town election on Saturday.

To voters From Tom Callahan…..

I would like to take a little of your time to encourage you to vote for Fred Koed for Selectman in our town election on Saturday.

I support Fred because after serving with him on the Board and coming to know him as a friend, I know that he is a person of integrity, and always considers the best interests of the Town as a whole, not just a favored neighborhood or clique. He is now THE strong voice for moving ahead under new town management, without continuing to grind old axes, and for furthering actual “good government”, if may I use the over-played term. He consistently seeks to educate himself on municipal issues, trends and developments outside Cohasset in order to see what better practices can be used here.

Let us not kid ourselves. This election is a not-so-veiled attempt by supporters of the past administration running a slate of candidates to remove Fred, in their pique over his decisions and positions on many issues. However, in consideration of the entire town’s interests, with a knowledge base his opponents severely lack, and with the realistic view that you cannot be everything to everyone, he took, and is continuing to take, the right position on key management and personnel issues. In my nearly 30 years as a resident and 20 years in town government, I have never seen the Town as divided and as acrimonious as it has been over the last two tumultuous years. And for what? Yet despite the constant and unwarranted attacks over this time, Fred has come through it with dignity, cool, and adherence to his principles and the best interests of the Town. He has been the adult in the room.

I will be voting for Fred only. It is not a course of action I would normally advise, nor is Fred advocating it. I have no illusions that one of the other candidates will win a seat. But I also do not think what has been done, or attempted, over the last couple of years (a list too long for here, but which continues to grow during this campaign) warrants the reward of my vote, even by default. I think sometimes it is also important to send a message – that we as a community do not appreciate the needless divisions and tactics of the last two years; that we do not view the running of our government as a game; and that we will best move forward by electing an experienced, reasoned leader and conciliator rather than those from a group perpetuating (as evidenced by certain now defeated town meeting articles) the out-of-nowhere, what-problem-were-they-trying-to-solve power play and rancor of the last two years.


With regard to our other elections on Saturday, I would also encourage you to re-elect Virginia Najmi to the Housing Authority and Wayne Sawchuk to the Sewer Commission.

Ginny is a wonderful, intelligent, articulate person and an important voice on the Housing Authority in that she actually lives at the Housing Authority’s complex. He perspective on the residents’ needs and the rehab needs of 60 Elm St. cannot be matched, and has added an important dimension to the Authority’s work. She is well-deserving of a full term.

On the Sewer Commission, Wayne has served ably and his knowledge of the Town garnered from his lifelong residence is a valuable resource. He deserves re-election. While I would vote for him on the merits alone, one wonders why he is even facing opposition. His opponent is making no secret of running as part of the anti-Koed slate in the Selectmen’s race. Observing how the group backing him has populated so many town boards, it would appear this candidacy is nothing more than an attempt to populate one more. For the same reasons I articulated in my endorsement of Fred Koed, we need to say to this group “enough”. Wayne is far more qualified and deserves your vote.

Thank you for your time.

Tom Callahan, former Selectman

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