Tinytown Unleashed subpoenaed by Town of Cohasset in Coughlin case

Yesterday,  Tinytown Unleashed found an unusual visitor knocking at its door.
A process server dropped off a subpoena from the Town’s Insurance Attorney to give testimony in the whistleblower lawsuit filed by former Town Manager Mike Coughlin.
It appears that Tinytown will be among the first to be deposed by the Town of Cohasset.
Are we being supoenaed as the result of the product of discussion by the Board of Selectmen or is it the result of discussions between Attorney Lenny Kesten and act-up town manager Mike Milanoski? We have learned (from assorted sources) that Milanoski is allegedly threatening his own suit against the Town if he is not chosen permanent town manager. Milanoski’s appointment and contract expire December 31.
In related news, former town manager Mike Coughlin says the town manager’s job is his through September 2014.
In the midst of this question of whom should be town manager,  Cohasset selectmen will be interviewing permanent town manager candidates in November (2013).  The Collins Center Recruitment Center of UMass Boston is handling the search and is currently vetting its five top candidates for the position.
But we disgress.
An opinion newspaper enjoys a long standing right in American democracy of keeping the sources of its information confidential.
Calling newspapers as witnesses in ongoing court cases can only be seen as means of intimidating the press and an attempt to chill the efforts of editors and reporters to do their jobs on behalf of the citizens of the communities they cover.
We are calling upon the Cohasset Board of Selectmen, who have absolute power to direct litigation, to hold the reigns on their act-up town manager and abandon his attempt to chill this reporter’s right to her opinion and her sources.
© Copyright 2013 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed