Tinytown Gazette Hard Copy Paper Stops Publication

This morning around 10 a.m. I decided not to prolong the agony any longer and let the Tinytown Gazette come to its natural conclusion. If you purchased one of our $50 lifetime subscriptions in 1993 (and Arne Gjesteby did) – well, you got  one great deal.

Tinytown Gazette now belongs to the ages.

In our May 15th paper we told readers:

The Tinytown Gazette and the Pony Express have a lot in common.

The Pony Express started in April of 1860 and it ended in October of 1861.It was replaced by the telegraph and the railroad. All of a sudden, people, freight and mail could travel coast to coast in just days. The Pony Express had lasted exactly 18 months and 21 days. When the Tinytown Gazette started in September 1993 it could only reach readers through its hard copy paper, every other week. Today, through its on-line newspaper/blog it reaches over 900 readers a day. Lots of them local. Some from Russia, true. 

Since 1993 a lot has happened:

Constant Contact

The Internet


Linked In


On-Line newspapers

Smart Phones with texting ability…to mention just a few.

The inventions that made it easier to communicate with readers on a daily bases, almost instantaneously, have truly brought the print newspaper business to its knees. Recently, we read about a three-D printer that is actually printing products. While it’s in its infancy, it may be something that soon replaces the Staples delivery vans. They’re working on it.

The Tinytown Gazette is now Tinytown Unleashed, where we can publish daily and have been publishing daily for many years.

Yes. Jordan Kobritz and Rev. James Snyder will join us in cyerspace.

And we hope you will, too.


© Copyright 2013 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed