Thomas Auto Body of Hingham responds to Cohasset Selectmen

Upset that they were accused of not being properly licensed  by Cohaset’s Acitng Town Manager, Thomas Auto Body had this letter hand-delivered to Tinytown Unleased. See original article:

July 25, 2013

C/o Board of Selectmen

After reviewing the meeting held on July 23,2013. We want to make you  aware that we were never withheld from towing from the Town of  Cohasset due to improper licensing. We  have been properly licensed  since we  started towing with our fleet back during the 1960s. We  have been in  business for over  50 years at the same location  and have been towing for the Towns of Hingham and Hull for a number of  years. No towing outfit in the  state of  Massachusetts can be improperly licensed  and insured  due to MA Law  and MA DPU Laws  and Regulations. We work off of our repair license  and are a long lasting member of Statewide Towing Association.

It  came to our attention we were improperly removed from the rotation of towing in the Town of Cohasset when we noticed we were no longer being dispatched to any tows. At that time, I (Ashley Thomas) called  and spoke to the acting chief, Lt. Quigley personally. I  asked him why we were no longer being dispatched for any tows in the Town of  Cohasset, his  response was “The other company in the rotation  came to  us and brought to our attention that during a motor vehicle accident (involving a Toyota Corolla belonging to TNT Driving School) you were not using a Thomas Auto Body tow truck, but were using a Malloy’s tow truck out of Weymouth”. I  responded to him ” At that particular time during that motor vehicle accident,  one of our trucks was being repaired  and the other was out on a tow in either Hingham or Hull”. I explained to him that we  have had a long -lasting working relationship with Malloy’s  and they allowed  us to use their truck while  one of our trucks in our fleet was out for repair. He then replied to me “well  at this time we do not  need your services  and your company will  be removed from the rotation.”

For  us, we  are not interested in towing for the Town of  Cohasset at this time but we would like to make you  aware of the correct circumstance that  happened and as to why we were removed from the rotation in the Winter of 2011. We  also do not want to  be accused and spoken falsely  about.

If you  have questions or concems  please feel free to contact me direct at 78l-749-1010.

Kind  Regards,

Ashley Thomas

Thomas Auto Body Shop

Hingham, MA

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