There may be a sidewalk between Cohasset’s Hammond Ave to Locus Road… afterall

Richard Fitzpatrick of Hammond Ave and Jane Norton whose home is located between Norman Todd Road and Beechwood, in the vicinity of a 42-home development by the Toll Brothers, may get their sidewalk in spite of Cohasset’s Acting Town Manager.

What a difference an election makes….Fitzpatrick gave his same speech to the selectmen of 2012-2013 and it fell on deaf ears. The board of 2012-2013was all ears an quickly stated its desire to accomplish this sidewalk with $75,000 from Toll Brothers that resides in the Town Manager’s budget and some other money that Advisory Chair Peter Pescatore offered.

Fitzpatrick told selectmen that the 42 home development will triple traffic in his neighborhood.

Jane Norton told selectmen the Nov. 14th planning board meeting supported sidewalks in the area, and she read from the minutes.

Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski said:  “We need to get the appropriate parties in here – the planning board rejected this.”

Selectman Martha Gjesteby said: “It doesn’t say that in the minutes.”

Select Chair Fred Koed said he was in favor of building the sidewalk.

Gjesteby wondered where the $75,000 Toll Brothers gave for sidewalks or the intersection was residing.

“It does not seem the planning board disagreed with sidewalks,” Selectman Karen Quigley said.

Advisory Chair Peter Pescatore said there was other money that could be brought into play for sidewalks.

Koed asked if the town could get an estimate of what it would cost to build a 500 foot sidewalk, connecting two major parts of town, impacted by development.He aid “This is an ancient road, it deserves sidewalks.” Brian Joyce said he would get an estimate and review other ancient sidewalk requests, adding that it would require the removal of two or three large trees.

Koed said selectmen should have a number by the second week in August.-


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