The World Is Too Much With Us – by Agustin Perez

Editor’s note: is my home page and when I opened it yesterday I learned that Lindsay Lohan may have stole a necklace,  now decreased Michael Jackson used to call Janet ‘fat’ and she’s still smarting over that, Ashlee Simpson filed divorce from Pete Wentz, Jenny McCarthy split with her boyfriend,  and Simon Cowell says the new Idol judges are soft. Why do I care about any of this, I asked myself.

And then I went to my mailbox where I came upon a wonderful E-mail from a man in Spain who eloquently commented on our global societies being left to “the mercy of themselves.” And he expressed it so beautifully I had to share it with you.

Read this wonderful piece of prose by Spanish writer Agustin Perez.

Enlightening thoughts from Spain

We are living in a society that has became increasingly lower in calories, both in food as in thought. Not only have we passed from the stew and a good plate of beans to the salad, slightly seasoned, but we have also created rules that subordinate the personal decision to a government dictatorship.

We have gone from thinking and reading to watching and are captivated by the small screen. Instead of creating new, interesting models, we follow old ones.
Beyond entertainment is the media spectacle –becoming lighter and lighter in order to reach a wider audience. The media has become a transmitter of a culture “light” that once was known as instincts. It is destroying the classical virtues, breaking the authority in the family and school.

Many TV series offerings are disastrous models; they are disguised as new ways of life, presented as attractive, further helping to undermine the values rooted in society.

Marketers regard loyal customers with new tastes and flavors; politicians utilize ‘media engineering’ to convey ideologies that leads society to governmental channels they want. Government pursues a new model of man, detached from real links; people are left to the mercy of themselves.

As a result, while the agitators of the street or microphone are awake, a passive, sleepy citizenry waiting for someone to say WAKE UP watches the show!

Agustín Pérez
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