The story behind the emails and the dirty trick signs…

When Cohasset citizen Chris Allen forked over $1,000 to acting town manager on May 3rd he was expecting to receive 783 juicy emails to and fro Selectman Martha Gjesteby, Ronnie McMorris, Karen Quigley, Mike Coughlin and myself.

Allen ended up with 11 emails, mainly from me, several of which were old drafts of the new Town Manager’s Act.

So what kind of shell game is Milanoski playing here? Why did Chris Allen have to pay anything for this information? Why are the selectmen’s public sites not accessible to everyone in town? Cohasset Mariner Editor Mary Ford asked this same question in a recent editorial. She was right about that. But she was wrong when she stated that Gjesteby’s email dilemma was a tempest in a teapot.  

Why Gjesteby was upset – why a lot of us were upset

 When Gjesteby was told the numbers of emails that were on her public site, she became alarmed. She knew she had a total 326 (not 783) emails in her public inbox for the entire year: none were from Coughlin, some were from Quigley and me and most of those had been sent to the entire board of selectmen.

Gjesteby and this newspaper were told by several persons in town that unnamed individuals were planning to utilize Gjesteby’s public town account to pish forged emails throughout the town – probably the day before elections, so that none of us, more importantly, now Selectman Karen Quigley, could respond. The Dirty Trick signs made it through but not the threatened emails. Gjesteby may have stopped that from happening when she called IT guy Brian More.

Concurrently, Gjesteby demanded to see the emails in question before they were released to Chris Allen. She took me along as a witness. They were in order. When Milanoski and Allen realized there was nothing to be had here, Milanoski told Gjesteby he now wanted all the correspondence between the forenamed individuals from her private email account. Gjesteby will discuss this request with her private attorney and most likely town counsel at the board’s May 26th meeting. The correspondence in question will have to be about governmental business, and this newspaper still not gotten an answer from the Massachusetts Secretary of State on what is the definition of governmental business?

Unless selectmen vote to subpoena Gjesteby’s personal account, and extract emails from that account, Gjesteby herself is responsible for turning over any emails from her personal account that pertain to governmental business. Unfortunately, Gjesteby did not know about this rule and she deletes her emails daily. Like most of us do.

Depsite the Cohasset IT’s statement on the front page of another newspaper last week, Gjesteby’s email was hacked. It is a fact that the town site is hacked frequently – at least twice or more in the past week and a half. Gjesteby’s personal IT guy told her  that her password to her public town account had been comprised, that it had all kinds of strange attachments. He said it was lit up like a Christmas tree.

The Town site doesn’t appear to be a very secure site. The Tinytown Unleashed site is more secure than the town site. I don’t think we have ever been hacked. How is it that the town technology officer cannot secure the site after one year on the job and has still not have developed a new web page? Better yet, a safe web page? What’s the story here?

When newly elected Selectman Karen Quigley first signed on to the town site she couldn’t log out of the site. Now she can’t log in. Is this a political problem or a technical problem?


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