The Kasperowiczes are in possession of three Fred Koed for Selectman signs.

The Kasperowiczes are in possession of three Fred Koed for Selectman signs.


We put two on our front lawn and the third we put on the property at 170 South Main at the residents’ request. Two times the sign on our neighbor’s property, directly across the street from Mike Milanoksi, former Cohasset acting town manager and Carver Town Administrator, were taken down and thrown into the arborvitae on our property. That means the person who did so knew we posted the sign for our neighbors and returned it to us promptly.

We finally gave up on our neighbor’s signs, taken down twice, and my husband took that sign to the 760 building on 3A where he has had an office for the past 30 years. Overnight, it was picked up and thrown into the dumpster where he discovered it and he reposted it. It is still there. He can see it from the corner of his office.

Jack Keniley (of governance, budget planning and capital budget fame) had posted his candidates’ signs (Diane Kennedy and Kevin McCarthy) at the 760 building and it is interesting that those signs were not disturbed. My husband went to Keniley’s office and asked him if he had thrown Koed’s sign into the dumpster. He said definitely not and that he would never do a thing like that. Ray also checked with the 760 building guy, who said he had not taken the sign down and thrown it into the dumpster.

From Koed campaign spokespeople we learned that on May 6 am Patrick Kennedy, husband of selectman Diane Kennedy, asked Koed to leave his car-waving spot on Route 228 and 3A. Koed reportedly told Kennedy that he had been campaigning at that spot for years and he’d never seen him there before. Kennedy asked him to leave again but Koed held his ground. Way to go Fred!

And so, things are cook’n. The day to vote is Saturday, May 10.

The world is waiting to discover what tricks we will wake up to Friday, May 9. Last year Jack Keniley was one of the first to blame Karen Quigley for having created false signs to draw attention to her own campaign. Later, Keniley said he knew who did it, and it was not he. That’s a relief.

Acting Police Chief William Quigley says it is not true that Cohasset Police know who made and placed the fake (Karen) Quigley signs in 2013 (Karen is not Bill’s mother). “Greg Lennon remains available to receive any updated information that is out there.” There was a rumor circulating earlier this week that the police knew who made the fake signs but refused to prosecute.

Friday, May 9th in the AM (probably early) we will announce what Cohasset candidates we are endorsing and exactly why.

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