The docs who bled Geo. Washington to death knew better

It’s difficult to look back in history and solve any medical problems.  Today’s historians believe Washington’s final illness was actually  bacterial –  an infection of the small tissue flap that plugs the entrance to the lungs during swallowing.

It agreed by all that the bleedings inflicted by Washington’s doctors hastened his end. According to Washington‘s medical records, 35% of all the blood in Washington’s body was removed in 12 hours.

One of Washington’s three physicians, Dr. Elisha Cullen Dick, objected to the bleeding, arguing instead for tracheotomy, but she was overruled. Tracheotomy was new in those years, and Washington’s senior physicians wanted to stay with the tried and true treatment of bleeding the patient to death.

It is interesting to note that blood-letting had been discredited years before Washington was bled to death, at age 67. But as you know, new ideas, new information is slow to catch on.  People have to BELIEVE scientific findings before they  can act upon that finding.

From my various readings I am understanding that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which has been put in charge of both monitoring and working to decrease our carbon dioxide emissions, secretly knows the impossibility of controlling the very breath of living things. How hard it must be for the EPA to move forward and do the right thing when recently a group of academics expressed an interest in forcing carbon dioxide rationing in developed countries. It will do this by stopping economic growth (wealth re-distribution) says Kevin Anderson, director of the United Kingdon’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

The EPA has recently moved to decrease the fluoride in our water. It already knows we are adding poison to our water which is harming all of us, but it has to move slowly. In another year or two, I suspect the EPA will quietly order fluoride removed from all water systems, even if the local boards of health still believe in adding waste byproducts to our water.

One dentist said his dentistry association is sending him anti-fluoride advisories almost daily. When asked if he would speak out about it he said “I just couldn’t speak out on this matter because I wouldn’t want to insult (the local individual) who worked so hard to get fluoride in the system.” Never mind the four- year-old girl whose enamel has been compromised by fluoride and who is facing thousands of dollars of operations in an attempt to relieve her pain.  Never mind that people are being cautioned to drink only filtered water by their physicians.  Oh no, let’s not insult the guy who introduced fluoride to the water system ––wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Obamacare isn’t just about medicine. It’s a virtual tax machine. Unless it or parts of it are repealed, you, my friends, will be filing1099s for your manicurist, your hairdresser, your dentist, the garage where you buy your gas, your babysitters, your lawn care people, your car dealer, and anyone else with whom you do over $600 worth of business. Just a little something to keep you busy next January when you thought you’d curl up and read a good book. I figure between my husband and I we would have between 600-1000 filings.

I’ve already decided I’m not going to do this.

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