The Cohasset Red Lion Inn hearing that slipped through everyone’s fingers

Sometimes the things that don’t happen are just as important as the ones that do.

For some time now the acting town manager Mike Milanoski has been urging selectmen to hold a hearing on an alleged noise compliant at the Red Lion Inn.

A December 3rd hearing was scheduled and Police Officer Patrick Kenny showed up at the hearing, sans the detective(s), sans the police chief, sans the acting town manager, sans witnesses. The acting town manager had a conflict. The acting police chief was in training on the Cape. One detective was on vacation. A second detective was not named. 

Gerd Ordelheide, owner of Cohasset’s Red Lion Inn, and his attorney were both present. 

Kenney offered the selectmen a 100-page report, but Charles Humphreys, The Red Lion Inn’s attorney, hadn’t seen the report. Town Counsel Paul DeRensis had gotten the report, the same day the hearing was supposed to take place, and hadn’t reviewed it.

While Kenney said it was a fair and accurate report, he added that he personally would be limited on what questions he could answer. He noted that Selectmen had been in receipt of a video of the noise violation. Later, during discussion, Atty. Humphreys said the video had been broadcast on a Travelocity site.

Select Chair Fred Koed said he was upset that the Red Lion Inn Counsel had not received the report before the hearing. Other selectmen agreed with Koed. 

Selectman Steve Gaumer said it would make some sense to extend the hearing, which on a vote of the board was extended until January 7 at 7:10 p.m.  

Selectman Vice Chair Diane Kennedy noted that the report included a lot of documents (unrelated to the hearing) that have been circulating for years

Humphreys said he and his client were looking for a 13-page police report.

Town Counsel Paul DeRensis agreed with Humphrey’s that the report given to selectmen by the police department covered more than what should be covered in the hearing. DeRensis further explained to all that the hearing was like a trial and the Red Lion Inn had the right to cross-examine witnesses.

Further, DeRensis said the report needed to be divided into a series of separate pieces, as only one issue was before the board, the noise complaint. He added that the police department would be required to produce the complaining party(ies).

Selectman Kennedy wondered how the board could stop things like this from happening in the future.

Tinytown Unleashed can offer you two foolproof measures, Selectman Kennedy.

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