Thank you Fred Koed, good and faithful servant – by Joe McElroy


by Joe McElroy

There are no winners – only losers – as political junkies orchestrate their hateful campaign tactics. These ruthless, self-serving egotists begin plotting their nefarious tactics immediately after each election.

Subplots abound with ruthless individuals attempting to stack public offices with their “stalking horses.” The voters are surrounded on all sides. Most of the “dirty tricks” happen during the days immediately preceding the election so that misinformation/dirty deeds cannot by exposed and refuted.

The hapless electorate awakens to the disgusting machinations and each year – out of frustration – votes for change. Unfortunately, “change” does not equate to systemic, long-term improvements. It only means that the opposition will be back with a vengeance the next year.

The (Cohasset) Mariner editorial decrying “bulleting” is noted; it criticizes asking voters to “bullet.” I do not believe Fred (Koed) asked for voters to “bullet,” but I do not doubt that some of his supporters encouraged such a tactic. Fred Koed’s campaign was attacked with sign vandalism and sleazy misrepresentations.

Interestingly, I asked Dianne, on Election Day, if her campaign and Kevin’s were in cahoots. Diane unequivocally denied any collusion. I believe her, but I suspect she knew it was going on and did not actively discourage it. Four hours later – I received a “get out the vote” call from “Dean Realtors: 383-6010” with a woman stating that she was telephoning from the “McCarthy/Kennedy Campaign Headquarters.”

Like the tawdry sign outrage of last year, the bullies/political junkies of Cohasset subscribe to the “end justifies the means.” So be it, Cohasset governance will lurch from one shameful episode to the next.

May God help our newest Town Manager as egotists set out to micro manage him. Bottom-line: your vote(s) are a privilege and responsibility of citizenship. It is normal and acceptable that voters cast their ballots to advance their beliefs and objectives. It matters not whether candidates and their minions ask you to “gang up on a candidate” or “bullet.” Ultimately, you must analyze the merits of respective candidates and cast your vote(s) such as to advance your beliefs and objectives.

“Bulleting” is a tactic. Skulking under the cover of darkness to vandalize signs or making misleading phone calls/signs are heinous acts.

I conclude with a personal message: Fred – I respect and agree with the importance of “process,” but there is still room for thoughtful exceptions (ala appointment of a Bill Quigley as Police Chief). Your absence from the 2013 Annual Town Meeting was a huge mistake. That said, your decades of service to Cohasset (Water Department, Advisory Board, fifteen years on the BOS, etc) far outweigh any mistakes.

Thank you good and faithful servant.

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