Ted Carr will not be Keeper of the Cohasset Clock

We’re sure Carr (former two-term Cohasset Selectman) figured it would be a cute job to add to his resume when he applied for this position, and the Acting Town Manager probably didn’t know what the job entailed –climbing up to the steeple of the First Parish Church once a week and actually being able to fix things when you get there. You need some special clock tools, too.

Selectmen Martha Gjesteby and Chair Paul Carlson wisely advised the board to take no action on the position… allowing it be continued to be “covered” by Noel Ripley, Jr., who has been servicing the clock at the First Parish Church since his father passed away 7 years ago.  Before that, Noel’s father, also named Noel, serviced the clock.  Noel visits the clock on a weekly basis, climbing up into the top of the church, near the steeple, which can be scary. The Ripley’s have never charged the Town one dime for this service.

Officially, only town residents can be appointed to these positions. Ripley now lives in Norwell.  Like we said – Selectmen appointed no one. They are brilliant at learning how to get around the law. In this case, it was a good decision.

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