Street Guy

The redistricting is complete. The Commonwealth now has 9 congressional districts.How the mighty have fallen. At one point in time, the commonwealth had 14 congressional districts. It seems the population is voting with its feet.

Now that we’re on the topic of moving, let’s take a look at the recent movements of Democrat politicians moving between Plymouth County and Norfolk County.

Let’s start with Greg Hanley, former city councilor in Quincy, now a member of the Pembroke School Committee and a wannabe member of the Plymouth County Commissioners. Hanley made an unsuccessful run at State Representative Dan Webster. Of course if Mr. Hanley decides to move back to Quincy there is a house on Adeline Place that is now available.

Former Pembroke School Committeeman, now Quincy City Councilor, Brian Palmucci is firmly ensconced in his new position. One might question – just how does one with no political ties to a community, get elected to the city council? Easy, just happen to be the nephew of Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley. And then after you are elected to an office where your have no ties to the community, become the campaign manager for Norfolk County District Attorney Mike Morrissey.

Didn’t you know? Getting elected to the Pembroke School Committee is a steppingstone to entering the Democrat political machine. Pembroke is now in the 9th Congressional District; this new district will now have the privilege of voting for Congressman Bill Keating, a very new resident of the new and improved 9th Congressional district. Street Guy.

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