State Auditor wants Ted Carr to repay $

Former Cohasset Selectman Ted Carr, who is being sued by former Cohasset town manager Mike Coughlin for having violated the Massachusetts Whistleblower Statute, the terms of the Cohasset Town Manager Enabling Statute and the Mass. Open Meeting Law, now has State Auditor Suzanne Bump barking up his tree. According to third party reports, Bump has referred her complaint to the Attorney General’s office for action.

Carr said in a statement to State House News Service on Jan 4, 2013 he would be happy to repay any erroneous reimbursements or other payments as soon as he knew how much he needed to repay.

Bump said Carr’s board members at the Massachusetts International Trade Council, Inc. (MITCI) had inappropriately authorized $83,140 in severance payments to Carr. Carr has received $6,346 of that sum, but Bump wants that sum returned and recommends that no other severance money be paid to Carr. Bump itemized that of monies paid to Carr $666.00 had no documentation, $10,882 was paid for a business purpose not documented, and $141 was paid for travel over $50, not approved.

Also, Bump said during the audit period MIRCI disbursed $56,207 in reimbursements to staff, primarily to Carr and MITCI’s Director of Administration, for expenses that were inadequately documented or not properly approved.

And…”MITCI overpaid its staff and consultants $12,679. This amount includes $2,297 in duplicate compensation to three staff members and  $3,173 in duplicate and unauthorized compensation to Carr, which went undetected due to a lack of appropriate controls.”

According to Bump’s report, MITCI’s former Director of Administration, who served under Carr, has reimbursed the state for improperly spent money.

Bump’s audit stated that MITCI had not developed a formal internal control plan that addressed management’s oversight responsibilities, the control environment, communication and exchange of information within the entity, or the identification and management of risks to MITCI’s operations and functions.

Duplicate Payments totaling $3,009 for Ted Carr – 10 credit card expenses totaling $2,909 for travel, meals, hotels and transportation for which Car had already submitted and received reimbursement from MITCI

Duplicate Compensation to Carr for a work week – $2,538.00

Duplicate and unauthorized Compensation to Carr Totaling $3,172.00.

It appears Bump wants Carr to pay back approximately $37,000.00.

Here’s a link to Suzanne Bump’s report.Bump Report

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  1. scottmcoyne
    January 9, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    I am sure Ted Carr would be happy to repay any erroneous reimbursements. Know why? Because he got caught!!

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