Southfield residents pay no taxes to Weymouth

How do Weymouth Taxpayers Like Taxation without Representation? 

by Dominic Galluzzo

Did you know Southfield residents pay no taxes to the town of Weymouth? Members of Weymouth’s Council should put on their big boy pants and first and foremost serve the best interest of Weymouth taxpayers.  Ignoring the restated chapter 301 of the Enabling Legislation found on page 2, section 3 that in part states.  In addition, it shall be the goal of said corporation, during its existence, to pursue the development in a manner that imposes no costs on said towns for the provision of police and fire protection, emergency services, water and sewer, schools, road and highway, parking, transportation, telecommunications, lighting, recreation and other municipal services.  Isn’t this a dereliction of their duties?

South Shore Tri Town Development Corporation wants the same municipal services that cost Weymouth taxpayers $50M annually for $649,000.00 annually!!  During the March 22, 2012 Budget Sub Committee meeting it is obvious how disengaged the elected are.  Weymouth taxpayers have no representation, struggling to survive, they are expected to financially subsidize the NO COST reuse plan of millionaires and support the burden of more taxes, the elected trip over each other again to support SSTTDC and Southfield residents.

Weymouth’s Council is in favor of “selling” its drinking water supply rather than conserve it for human consumption.  Weymouth taxpayers should be aware that it seems Weymouth maybe being set up by its’ elected to join the MWRA in place of SSTTDC/LNR who don’t want to pay the 25M-30M dollar entrance fee!  By not hearing any objections from the Council it seems our water is being pirated by SSTTDC/LNR who want it.

Weymouth’s enabling government accepts water and sewerage payments ten to eighteen months past due from SSTTDC with no complaint or awareness of over due receipts.  Weymouth taxpayers should let Town Hall know of their displeasure with taxation without representation.

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