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My alert sentrys told  me LightofMinot is telling stories about me on the Mariner Blog again, but as usual she got it wrong.

No. 1. Nobody filed a defamation suit against anybody. I received a very polite letter from a pleasant attorney asking our blog site to cease and desist in the future from writing disparaging commentary about their client, who happens to be a public figure who is in the news all the time. Also, we were asked to “retract” an opinion piece written by an Author on this site.  We cannot legally do that very thing under the Communications Decency Act.  Authors have rights. Even anonymous bloggers have rights.

No. 2. Under the Communications Decency Act,  everybody in cyberspace is responsible for their own articles, blog commentators and authors alike.

If LightofMinot makes a blog comment that libels someone on the Tinytown Unleashed blog, LightofMinot can get sued if the suing party can track her down. Kasperowicz, blog proprietor, can’t get sued for what Lightof wrote on her blog site.

However, If Kasperowicz publishes Light’s libel in the Tinytown Gazette hard copy newspaper  Kasperowicz can get sued for what Light wrote, if Kasperowicz knew the information was false.

No. 3. The article on the blog which the aggrieved town official felt libeled him was an opinion piece discussing a very old issue that had actually been vetted by writers, bloggers and others in every media outlet but ours. The Author second-guessed his own role in the matter as a quasi-judicial official.

Newspapers, blogs, government officials, letter writers and one person at a town meeting all have lots of power. It’s called voice.

We all have a role in shaping government. And our Constitution gives us some protection in this task because shaping government is hard to do.





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  1. Callahan
    April 1, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    It is a shame that people hide behind false names on these and every other blog known to mankind. However, if the identity of some of these bloggers is known, I think they should be outed.

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