I bought a SORRY BUTTON a few weeks ago from a cute little shop in Weymouth called ITZAPARTY. I plan to give it to the Cohasset Selectmen for Christmas, if they will accept it, maybe with a plate of cookies.

The SORRY BUTTON has several “sorrys” on it..

One of the voices sounds like Selectman Karen Quigley.

Another sounds like former selectman Lee Jenkins.

“Could I be more sorry?” – says a voice sounding like Selectmen Diane Kennedy.

Selectman Steve Gaumer is there: “I’d like to take a brief moment to offer my apologies.”

And there is a group SORRY. ‘Sorrrrrrr eeeeeeee” they call out.

I figure my Sorry button could save selectmen from countless hours of letterwriting and wearing those uncomfortable hair shirts.

But I digress.

The Town of Cohasset is due a lot of apologies.

Mariner Newspapers owes us the first one. For years the newspaper allowed anonymous “posters” to ridicule everyone in town. It was not thought, it was KNOWN, that several town officials had a lot of fun with their arch enemies on the Mariner blog. Since the Mariner started requring people to sign in via their Facebook accounts, there are no posts.

Selectman Steve Gaumer has written several commentaries in the Mariner questioning the right of the majority of his board to be the majority. He continued complaining about his board on his Facebook Page. Is this a way for a leader of the town to act? Say you’re sorry, Steve.

Selectman Diane Kennedy, after losing the vote to appoint the permanent police chief, discussed her side’s losing arguments in a letter to the Mariner. Was this necessary? Yes, Bill Quigley is a great guy, but he can’t be the only applicant for the job. Acting town manager Mike Milanoski was anointed and now you want “The Anointed One” to perform more anointments. Please apologize to the government you are supposed to be representing. 

Former selectmen Paul Carlson and Lee Jenkins, and current selectman Diane Kennedy should apologize to Selectman Martha Gjesteby for having having harassed her repeatedly during her first year in office. At every meeting their eyes rolled up into their heads when she spoke. At a public meeting in January 8, 2013 selectmen voted to turn in Gjesteby to the Attorney General for having allegedly violated the criminal conflict of interest law by sharing a confidential “privileged” document with a member of the public. Gjesteby’s attorney costs for this little action was just under $10,000. Gjesteby was recently vindicated by the Attorney General. She’s still waiting for an apology.

March 15, 2013 – acting town manager Mike Milanoski blames the Tinytown Gazette for releasing information to the Boston media about the town’s shutting down the Red Lion Inn for having not paid a bill. But actually, Milanoski released it to the Cohasset Mariner himself – and it was tweeted across cyberspace by Mariner Reporter Erin Dale.  Apologize, Milanoski. Oh shucks, you can use the SORRY BUTTON, too. I’ll bring it with me Tuesday.

I turn on my favorite show, the Cohasset Selecmen, one fine Tuesday night and I find myself listening to  water commissioner Peter DeCaprio tear me apart in a five minute diatribe, with the permisson of the board of selectmen – DeCaprio is on the agenda. It doesn’t say Peter DeCaprio will attack Tanna Kasperowicz – action requested. But that’s what was going to happen and they knew it. Chair Paul Carlson is smiling as DeCaprio appears to get larger during delivery. Should  I run down there and punch them all in the nose? No, it’s time to walk the dog. Apologize, DeCaprio. Apologize Selectmen.

 Enough about all this.

Something interesting happened at the Cohasset Selectmen’s Goals and Objectives meeting Sept. 26th at the Lightkkeepers Cottage on Government Island.

A real town manager with 30 years experience showed up and the selectmen were captivated by him and the information he shared with them.

And then he told selectmen to behave.

And they said ok.

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