So much for the Cohasset Brotherhood of blue in Cohasset

As most of my friends know, I suffered a stroke in early June and was sent to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to recover. It was a wonderful place and with the help of god
I am walking again with the help of a brace and cane.
Many of those injured at the Boston Marathon were also there including Officer Richard Donohue who was seriously wounded in the shootout with the terrorists.  Every day, fellow officers- the “Brotherhood of Blue” came to visit their colleague, comfort the family and show support and concern.   That loyalty demonstrates the caring needed in law enforcement.
Now lets turn to another cop in the Spaulding hospital system- Chief Mark Deluca. While numerous members of the law enforcement family have either visited,  sent cards or have called to express concern,  in unbelievable contrast the command staff of the Cohasset Police Department and the Acting Town Manager have been missing.
Despite pronouncements by hired consultants that there is nothing wrong with the department and the Acting Chief is ready,  this signals a major problem within the Cohasset Police Department and its leadership.  Put simply- this lack of caring on the most basic of human levels is a major reason why the town needs to go through a proper process and perhaps select an outside chief.
You don’t need to be a consultant or police chief from an other community to see there is something wrong here, something in human when men who served in harms way with another human being for close to two and half years do not have the decency to put their differences aside to show concern for a fellow injured cop and his family.   The lack of concern for Chief Deluca let alone his treatment by the Acting Town Manager underscores the need to appoint not anoint the town’s next police chief.
Being a police chief is about doing difficult things.  Its about character.   What does that say about officers- that don’t show any concern for an injured colleague– being man enough to go to the hospital or call his family or even a close friend.  Well in my opinion an individual who does not have the courage to do this fails the test for chief and is not ready to assume the heavy responsibilities of being a top cop
Being a top cop also means respect for the community and its Board of Selectmen.  By clear vote of the Board,  the search for police chief was put on hold.  Yet it seems that the town’s acting top cop and acting town manager are going ahead with the anointment anyway- totally disregarding a vote by the board of selectman.  What ever happened to the rule of law?
If a top cop is prepared to be part of this insubordinate power play by the Acting Town Manager in other words either not strong enough or not man enough to say no to Acting Town Manager and reason with him that the selectmen have clearly spoken on this issue- then this should be a call to arms for citizens to demand a proper search let alone to revisit the outrageous treatment of Chief Deluca in late May 2012

Mike Coughlin

former Cohasset Town Manager


© Copyright 2013 Mike Coughlin, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed