Jack Creighton should apologize to Cohasset Selectman Karen Quigley

Over the past several years Selectman Karen Quigley, as both a civilian and a selectman, has been the subject of the worst political dirty tricks Cohasset has seen – many of which took place on the old Mariner Newspaper blog. It got a little dangerous for the Mariner when a citizen got a court order for posters’ computer IP addresses.  The Mariner quickly changed its policy of allowing invisible people to tear apart citizens and town officials, less it add to its billion dollar debt. You now have to sign in with Facebook or Linked In.

Quigley has had to endure fraudulent election signs, and people like Jack Keniley running around town saying Quigley printed the fake signs, herself, to get attention. Some of the campaign e-mails circulating throughout the town about Quigley were amazing.

Conservation commission chair Jack Creighton has served on one of the most political, unqualified Conservation commissions Cohasset has ever seen. By Creighton’s own admission, it’s falling apart. Conservation commission member Dr. Bill Henry hardly attended any meetings last year, never attended any of the state-run conservation commission seminars, and got reappointed this year in spite of his bad report card. Other political appointments from Ted Carr’s 2011 board are also disinterested, no shows.

Acting town manager Mike Milanoski told us as many as two or three ‘conservationists’ may abdicate their seats next year. If Milanoski is still working for the town, he said may have to combine the stormwater committee with conservation, because at that point stormwater may have all the talent.

The Mariner never talked about the lack of conservation qualifications of the applicant acting town manager Mike Milanoski chose as an associate member of the conservation, either in its news story or its editorial. And this was the main point of the discussion– the news, so to speak. What was being discussed was another political appointment being made. The Mariner missed the news story.

Also, the Mariner never mentioned the conservation qualifications of the other three candidates in any news story.

There’s been a turnover in philosophy on the board of selectmen. It is now attempting to staff the conservation commission with people with environmental know-how and background. When the only candidate Milanoski could find in all of Cohasset-land to recommend as an associate member of the conservation commission was Vogelman, Jack Keniley’s wife, well, it made many of us shed a tear,

Sunday morning one of the Sunday morning talk shows had New Jersey Governor Chris Christy as a guest. He was asked if he would like to apologize for calling people idiots, lunatics and liars.

Christy would not apologize, saying that he merely advocates his position with passion.

Perhaps Quigley should borrow that line.

Quigley should not apologize to Jack Creighton for having called him a big, fat liar.

Jack Creighton should apologize to Quigley for giving her the Hairy Eyeball.



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