Senator Bob Hedlund supports Mass Action to Support Federal Flood Insurance Lawsuit

Bob HedlundWhen I first wrote to the Attorney General,I asked that she pursue any means available to help block these flood insurance changes from taking effect. In follow-up conversations with her office I pointed to the Mississippi lawsuit.  While I supported and signed on to co-sponsor her subsequent legislation to cap the amount of flood insurance mortgage lenders may require of homeowners, I had hoped for more aggressive action to challenge the flawed an unfair flood insurance law.  I’m pleased that we, as a state, have now taken that action and joined in support of this federal lawsuit to challenge FEMA and block these changes.  I thank the Attorney General for taking this step.

This comes on the heels of welcomed news from Congress, where a bill to delay and fix Biggert-Waters was filed. I have no doubt this Congressional action was the result of pressure from me and other state leaders, including the Attorney General and many of my legislative colleagues in coastal districts.

It should be clear to most everyone by now that Biggert-Waters is an unfair blow to families and businesses that FEMA has only exacerbated with incompetent management, from failing to conduct the required affordability study to drafting irresponsible flood maps.  I’m proud that Massachusetts is now part of the fight to stop the damage caused by Biggert-Waters and FEMA.


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