Sen. Hedlund on Election Laws Conference Committee


Bob HedlundState Senator Robert L. Hedlund has been appointed to the Conference Committee on Election Laws. This makes three critical conference committees on which Sen. Hedlund is currently serving.

 The six-member Election Laws Conference Committee will draft a final bill that resolves the differences between the House and Senate versions.  That final bill will be voted up-or-down with no further amendments.

Both bills would expand voting by allowing for online voter registration and early voting, with some difference in how and when early voting would be implemented.  The House bill would allow for early voting to take place up to 14 days before an election, whereas the Senate version sets the length of early voting at 10 days. The Senate bill also establishes election-day registration and would allow a voter’s registration to transfer with them when they move within Massachusetts.

Joining Senator Hedlund on the Election Laws Conference Committee are Senators Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett) and Barry Finegold (D-Andover), as well as Representatives James Murphy (D-Weymouth), Michael Moran (D-Brighton) and Paul Frost (R-Auburn).

Senator Hedlund also currently serves on the conference committee to reduce welfare waste and fraud as well as the committee to improve the impact of mercury on our residents and environment.

“I’m honored to have been chosen to help reach a compromise on these three very critical issues.  There has been a lot of good and rational debate on each subject and we have many compelling needs and concerns to weigh,” said Hedlund.

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