Selectmen’s 5-Minute Special Thursday meeting cancelled

Cohasset Selectmen’s Thursday night’s 5 minute special meeting was aborted when selectmen were advised, according to Select chair Paul Carlson, that town counsel would not be able to produce a subpoena for the consideration of the board.

According to town counsel , before a subpoena can be entertained, an investigation of what employees if any were utilizing town computers to comment on town government  affairs.  Selectmen’s special interest was in the commenter who called himself Cohasset007 who posted information about sick tme reports for the firefighters during contract negotiations. That leak was town government related and it is thought that the selectmen can investigate the same.

In related news, Cohasset Mariner reporter Erin Dale blogged on May 2 that Cohasset resident Ronnie McMorris, a former selectman, is seeking the identify of numerous individuals who posted on the wickedlocalcohasset website under the following names: Cohasset007, Horse_the_Face, dellaflooze, LightofMinot, semperfi26, Raylewisisabadman, PFFM2804, iwasalousyselectman and frozenturkeyforall.

Dale  further reported the Cohasset Mariner was served with two subpoenas last week from Thornton & Naumes LLP on behalf of the Ronnie and David McMorris.

It is thought, but it is not known, that most if not all of the names above are pseudonyms used by about 5 prolific town officials who kept the Mariner blogs rolling.  Since the McMorris’ filed their subpoena and received information about the posters, the Cohasset Mariner blog has come to an abrupt halt.

(this story was updated with more current information at 11:41A.M., May  3).

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  5 comments for “Selectmen’s 5-Minute Special Thursday meeting cancelled

  1. Tom Callahan
    May 8, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Since I seem to be indirectly referenced, I’ll bite, Mr. Allen.

    I have no problem with the vote on the TM Act. I opposed it because of the mess of earlier versions, the lack of meaningful public input due to early morning meeting times of the committee on many ocassions, and the agenda I perceived, and I will just use the word perceived, to legitimize the contract and tenure of the incumbent Acting TM. I also believed that the call for a charter commission had merit. As town counsel pointed out, we can be ruled by the Act, bylaw or charter, it really doesn’t matter to me which, but even with an improved Act we still are a hybrid of charter-bylaw. Further, the critical issue of the separately elected utility boards was not addrressed, and another reason to vote no on this particular proposal.

    At Town Meeting, I had the ocassion to speak to a committee member who’s judgment and lack of agenda I trust, and to Town Counsel, who assured me he finally got to see the document, edit it and make it ready for prime time. Changes were obviously needed. The process could have played out another way, but I am not upset with the result as far as the new text of the Act, nor do I think anyone else is. It’s an improvement and opens up the pool of candidates. The utility boards can still be dealth with at another time. The world has not ended.

    However, if anyone thinks the vote is some kind of victory or vindication, that’s where the problem lies.

  2. May 3, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Oh, grow up.
    You’ve had your anonymous fun.
    Now it’s over.

  3. Chris Allen
    May 3, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Your response to that is to infer that I am using some other login name on another webstite and was then cut off? That is quite a deflection from the open ended question put before you. You shouldn’t accuse people of doing things they aren’t. You shouldn’t infer or suggest it either like you did in your post….”it is thought, not known”…Thought by whom? It’s total crap and pretty unethical.

    It makes you come off as a really unintelligent person.

  4. May 3, 2013 at 6:43 am

    Why it’s semperfi – cut off from the Mariner blog, were you?

  5. Chris Allen
    May 3, 2013 at 6:28 am

    Similarly, this blog has come to a complete halt since the Town Manager Act changes were approved. Where has all the wisdom of the former town manager, former selectman, and sea lawyers been for the past two weeks? No opining about democracy in action?

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