Selectmen to interview all 3-5 Finalists for Cohasset’s permanent town manager job

The Collins Recruitment agency at UMass Boston said it is prepared to submit 3-5 finalists for the position of Cohasset town Manager in early November. Selectmen have voted to interview all of the finalists.

Selectman Steve Gaumer said he would agree to interview all provided there were no litigants of the town among them.

Selectman Diane Kennedy said she wanted to know what Collins was doing regarding reference checks. Gaumer said he wanted a summary of the same.

Select chair Fred Koed noted that the board has two meetings scheduled for November 5th and 19th and suggested the board think about a third meeting that month. Koed added that beginning in November the board’s communications between Collins and itself would open right up. Currently, they have been using Town Moderator Dan Evans as a go-between the Collins Center and the board.

Act up town manager Mike Milanoski told the board it appeared the would have a permanent town manager until February or later. “What are you going to do after December 31?”

Koed responded the board would cross that bridge when it came to it.


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