Selectman Martha Gjesteby makes statement at Sept. 24th meeting

Selectman Martha Gjesteby read this written statement at the Board of Selectmen’s Sept. 24th meeting. Unfortunately, the cameras didn’t start rolling until after she read her statement.  So here it is:

On September 3, 2013 the Attorney General sent us a ruling that a prior Cohasset Board of Selectmen, back in December 2012, chaired by Paul Carlson, had illegally met in executive session to make allegations against me, personally.

That ruling by the Attorney General vindicates me.

As the ruling states, the Carlson board went into executive session to discuss unspecified union and union contract issues; instead, once the board as in executive session, the acting town manager used the executive session to launch a personal attack against me. Now, the Attorney is saying the town manager was wrong. Under the open meeting law it was illegal for the acting town manager to attack me this way and it was wrong for the board to continue (the meeting).

Those accusations should never have been presented in an executive session called for contract negotiations. That ruling vindicates my going to the Attorney General after being unfairly ambushed – without any prior notice to me or any prior vote by the Board of Selectmen – of charges that I was unfaithful to the Town and my responsibilities as a Selectman.

Those actions were ultimately found to be illegal, as well as being personally offensive to me; hopefully the acting town manager has learned a lesson from this decision.

Now, this Board has changed since that event unfolded. I am now confident that the five members of this board, as a board, have moved past that unfortunate event and can continue to move forward together and do what is right for our community.

Cohasset Selectman Martha Gjesteby wins Open Meeting Law Complaint Against Her Board:

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