Selectman Martha Gjesteby Found Innocent

Selectman Martha Gjesteby Found Innocent of Criminal Charges

Nobody ever thought Selectman Martha Gjesteby would be found guilty of violating the criminal conflict of interest law by sharing a confidential “privileged” document with a legal confident.  Not even the selectmen of 2012-13 thought she was criminally guilty. In its expansive way, the Ethics Commission only said the issue did not warrant further action.

Carlson,  Diane Kennedy and  now former selectman Leland Jenkins —voted on Janaury 8, 2013 to file the charges.  Selectman Koed was late coming to that meeting — probably on purpose. It may have been a cute trick, but it cost Gjesteby a bundle of money.

At Tuesday’s meeting Selectman Karen Quigley said she would like an agenda item for the board’s next meeting at which the board would publicly apologize to Gjesteby. Or maybe they can just have Diane Kennedy apologize. Further, Quigley suggested that the board of selectmen put an article on the fall warrant to reimburse Gjesteby for the wrongful expense it had caused her.

“In light of the fact that Selectman Gjesteby had done nothing wrong, and the fact that town counsel said she had done nothing wrong at the same meeting,” the board of selectmen still went ahead with their false allegations, Quigley said. Koed said he supported a large portion of what Quigley propossed.

Kennedy said she needed the opportunity to review all the minutes surrounding this issue before doing anything.

Selectman Gaumer was not present at the meeting.



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