Select Chair Gaumer invites e-mails for or against Comperchio appointment

This is my e-mail to Selectmen in support of Town Manager Chris Senior and his choice of Executive Officer Joe Comperchio of the Weymouth PD. But I really don’t know why I have to write this at all.

Why would Selectmen not support the Town Manager’s choice? Paul Schubert announced on Our Town during a candidates’ debate that he would support the Town Manager’s choice. So that’s one vote for Comperchio.

According to the statue on the same, the appointing authority is the Town Manager; his selection should be routinely affirmed unless there is something wrong with his selection or the process. Joe Comperchio looks pretty right to me.

Should Cohasset Selectmen negate Comperchio’s appointment, I would like to know why, Tuesday night. And I would like to know what Plan B is.

Is Plan B you tell Town Manager Chris Senior to look for a job so you can bring back former acting town manager Mike Milanoski who will appoint Quigley as Permanent Chief? That’s what we’re hearing out here in the forest.

Play the game, Cohasset. It’s the only game in in Town.

Tell these people you want them to endorse the Town Manager’s candidate for police chief. Further, tell them you rather like the Town Manager, too:

Steve Gaumer

Kevin McCarthy

Diane Kennedy

Karen Quigley

Paul Schubert








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