Results of Cohasset Police Investigation Tues. Night

I am smiling as I read the Selectmen’s agenda for their Tuesday, June 19 meeting.

At 7:25 Selectmen will review the results of their independent investigation of allegations raised by (the) Police Chief after he was put on paid administrative leave –already the reader is being subjected to a pile of garbage.

  1. Milanoski knew Police Chief DeLuca was upset with him (Milanoski) for having interfered in police matters earlier in the week of May 20. Way earlier.
  2. Selectmen knew there were problems – Milanoski had them on speed-dial all week.
  3. Chief Police DeLuca planned to hand his letter detailing Milanoski’s improprieties to Selectman Fred Koed on May 25th. But the letter, which was addressed to Milanoski, was not given to Koed because Koed, the Selectmen’s liaison to the police department, ducked the letter and the meeting.
  4.  Four (not five) Selectmen agreed to suspend the chief with pay to protect Milanoski. Selectmen Martha Gjesteby said she didn’t know the Chief had been suspended until the press called her. Nor had she seen any charges. Nor had Deluca seen any charges.
  5. DeLuca’s computer was confiscated (it is of course a town computer). But it appears his personal E-mail was read and may still be being read because DeLuca had a link to personal E-mail on that computer with no password protection.  Is DeLuca’s computer put under lock and key or does it reside in Milanoski’s office where Milanoski is still reading DeLuca’s personal E-mails from me and others?
  6. Milanoski says his actions regarding this police matter have been vetted by the Ethics Commission and the Attorney General. Does he think we are stupid? They never looked into anything.

Did Milanoski, after having knowledge of DeLuca’s complaints, begin manufacturing charges against the chief in an effort to cover his own hiney? All of a sudden key members of police leadership appear in Milanoski’s office on the Thursday before the suspension. Is that a normal occurrence?  Were those police officers summoned to provide justification for the upcoming suspension?

Here’s what Milanoski has done that is wrong.

  1. He discussed his charges against DeLuca at a public session of the Board of Selectmen – DeLuca should have been given 48 hours notice and should have been present at the session where multiple allegations were read.
  2. He suspended DeLuca but never apprised him of the charges against him before he suspended him. You’re supposed to tell the man why you’re suspending him.
  3. This Tuesday Milanoski will break yet another law. In public session he will discuss the results of the investigation by the independent consultant and he will have not invited Chief DeLuca to the meeting, giving him the required 48 hours notice, to hear the results of the investigation, which pertain to Deluca’s charges against Milanoski.
  4. Further, the investigator has never spoken to DeLuca. Not once. All the investigator knows is what Milanoski has told him, and for the past couple of weeks Milanoski has gained the complete support (surprise, surprise) of the police department, all of whom he hires.

Consider this:

Deluca was chosen by a Selectman-established Selection Committee from over 80 applicants to be Cohasset Police Chief. He has 30 years of experience as a chief. In the near future (according to reliable legal resources) indictments will be handed down to DeLuca’s former employers, four town officials of the Town of Duxbury.

Milanoski was chosen by Ted Carr to be acting town manager in Cohasset. He now has one month experience as an Acting Town Manager. Never vetted. Never anything. This is the guy selectmen chose over none other (no one else was asked to apply) to deal fairly and squarely and legally with town employees. He disappoints us daily.

One thing is certain. It is essential that Chief DeLuca be allowed to make his case in the court of public opinion – Milanoski certainly has.

DeLuca is now being represented by Edward J. McNelley, a principal at Barnicle, McNelley & Nugent of Boston. McNelley was a Captain Detective at Boston Police for 33 years, a Sergeant at United States Army. He graduated from the New England School of Law and Boston State College.

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