Rep Sarah Peake says her committee has taken no action on the Amended Town Manager Act

Sarah Peake, chairman of the joint Committee on Municipalities & Regional Government that is  considering the Amended Town Manager act, told this writer:

“The committee as of yet has taken no action on this bill (H3486). Like every other bill where we hear conflicting testimony, we don’t take an immediate vote, but give ourselves time to study the issue.

 The committee will continue to meet through this fall and and spring and can vote on this bill at any of those hearings.
I will keep Representative Bradley informed of the status of the bill, so he can keep the Board of  Selectmen informed.”
Accordingly, former Cohassest Selectman Ted Carr was in error when he told Cohasset Selectmen at their Tuesday meeting the committee had voted it down. In any case, it seems the Act will not be voted up or down in the near future. Seletmen are moving forward with their town manager search.
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