Red Lion Inn calls Milanoski’s shut down of the Red Lion Inn an abuse of power for “a town employee with a badge”

Police cars and fire trucks descended upon Cohasset’s Red Lion Inn last Monday morning to close it down on orders from the town’s new health agent, Felix Zemel, signed by acting town manager Michael Milanoski. The reason given for the closure was that that Zemel and Milanoski thought the Red Lion Inn had not paid its food service/trash-bin permit fees and had failed to renew its food permit.

At 3:30 on Tuesday, a few hours after the Patriot Ledger hit the newsstands, reporting that the Inn had been closed down, the health department revoked the suspension of the Red Lion Inn.

In a letter to Milanoski dated Tuesday, March 5, Red Lion Inn owner Gerd Ordelheide informed Milanoski that the Red Lion Inn had paid its dumpster fee on Nov. 30, 2012 – and he attached a cancelled check to prove it. The health department, according to Mr Zemel, had failed to bill about 17 establishments in 2012, and the paid check of $30 was for 2012.

Ordelheide said in his letter to Milanoski that in the last 15 years “We have never had a problem like this. The former health inspector was terrific. “I am appalled by the handling of this situation. Instead of giving us a call your employee stated he does not have the time to call. Apparently, he has the time to call newspaper and television stations (which) I had to respond to all day.


“This is an abuse of power for a town employee with a badge. It gives a bad image to the town. Our 80 employees are hurt.  Customers told me (this was) total overreaction by town management.”

Ordelheide then said the Inn’s accountant had never received the outlines of the town’s new rules. “All other permits were paid for in 2012, as usual.”

In earlier reports, Patriot Ledger Reporter Lane Lambert quoted Milanoski saying the Red Lion must now file new applications to do business in the town, as if it were a new business. Milanoski also reportedly said the Inn would have to be back in full compliance before it could serve food or hold wedding receptions. “They failed to meet their state obligation.”

Pretty tough action for being late on a bill.

Milansoki certainly has a flare for the dramatic.

In that same letter to Milanoski, Ordelheide also attached plans requested by the health department. Ordelheide said that the fire department informed him that the ventilation plan requested by the health department should reside in the building department. He added that the Inn’s night security is taking place of finishing the lighting schedule. Another issue regarding an “anti-choking Procedure” rests with the fire department, which apparently has not yet had time to deal with the same.




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  2 comments for “Red Lion Inn calls Milanoski’s shut down of the Red Lion Inn an abuse of power for “a town employee with a badge”

  1. scottmcoyne
    March 6, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    Nothing like trying to work with your community,

  2. Al Stefan
    March 6, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    Not surprising in the least. Gerd stood up at the last Town Meeting and said something that the good ol’ boys didn’t like. Therefore according to page 1 of their playbook entitled, “We’re a Country Club Not an Actual Town…”, you invoke your personal vendetta. Bullying is not illegal afterall…

    As for whether shutting down the Red Lion, arguably one of Cohasset’s most beautiful buildings in the village, is good business, (ie. employs 50 people, garners solid tax revenue, and having it be vacant would be a black-eye on downtown), that simply doesn’t matter when you’re wealthy, have no interest in dining there, and get your retirement jollies from being a “big” power broker in a small town…

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