Qualification on 8.22.12 post & other stuff

In an 8.22.12 post we blogged that Cohasset Selectmen had voted 4-1 in favor of extending Acting Town Manger Mike Milanoski’s contract through June 30, 2015. We stated that Selectman Martha Gjesteby had voted no, which was a pretty good guess and which turned out to be correct after executive session minutes were released last week.  However, it must be noted that we did not speak to Gjesteby after receiving Carlson’s press release on 8.22. We assumed her vote was the Nay vote.

Lots of errors surrounding the Milanoski contract.

1. Carlson should not have made public the vote until after the minutes of the executive session were released. Ultimately, he realized the same and apologized to all.

2. Local activisit Karen Quigley pointed out the board of selectmen last week that the Selectmen’s current contract with Milanoski states that he is Town Manager, not Acting Town Manager.  Carlson wrote back to Quigley stating that Milanoski’s extended contract would reflect Mialnoski’s Acting Town Manager status. However, we have learned that Milanoski ‘s current letterhead and business cards state that he is Town Manager.

Other stuff

The Governance Committee will meet at 7:30 a.m. this Thursday, Sept. 6 to discuss the Strong Town Manager’s Act and how it might be changed in order to permit individuals serving in appointed and elected positions to serve as Town Manager.

The Strong Town Manager’s Act requires any individual appointed to the position not be serving in an elected or appointed position in the town. Further, a one year separation from the town is required before that individual can be considered for appointment

The Town Manager’s Act is Cohasset’s governing legislation.   Any change in the Town Manager’s Act would require a two third’s vote of town meeting. If voted the affirmative, the selectmen would then have to petition the General Court for a special act.

According to Atty. Geoff Richelew, Research Director for State Representative Garrett J. Bradley,

“This qualification for Town Manager may only be changed in one of 2 ways: (1) either by amendment of chapter 34 through a Home Rule petition by the Town to the General Court and approval by the Governor pursuant to section 8 of article 89; or (2) by the adoption revision or amendment of a charter by the Town in accordance with section 3 and 4 of Article 89 of (the Home Rule Amendment) and the Home Rule Procedures Act in chapter 43B of the General Laws.

Because Cohasset does not have a charter, any amendment in qualifications for appointment of its Town Manager would require a two thirds vote of Town Meeting after-which selectmen would appeal to the General Court for the change.

On August 28th  I asked Cohasset Selectman Paul DeRensis and Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski for a copy of the opinion issued by Town Counsel Paul DeRensis regarding DeRensis’ statement that the board of selectmen could hire an Acting Town Manager for up to five years. To date, there has been no response




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