Pure Magnesium Oil – “It’s a Miracle”

magnesiumoilThirty years ago, when I was a youngster of 40, I had a very expensive meniscus ($10,000) repair on my right knee. I’m not sure I needed it. The knee pained me, off and on, for the next thirty years. And then three years ago I began to experience cramps in my calves. I would walk for 10 minutes and have to stop. My feet hurt. I was experiencing numbness. My primary doctor sent me for a vascular study. It was determined that I had PAD – peripheral arterial disease. I was at the beginning stages. I would need drugs at some point, and possibly surgery – to enlarge my tiny ankle veins that I had all my life.

An alternative doc put me on fish oil and Hormone D3. That seemed to help a little.

My elderly dog was starting to wake up at night because the entire lower half of his body was shaking. I remembered that a friend of mine who was experiencing restless leg syndrome  had gone to an alternative doc who prescribed magnesium.

I went on line and saw a book called The Magnesium Miracle. I bought the book and then went to the Vitamin Shop in Hingham, and found a Pure Magnesium Oil spray. I sprayed Lucky on the belly and ears and he stopped shaking.  I give him a little squirt on both ears early in the morning. He still has involuntary muscle control, from time to time, but it’s minor. And it stopped waking him up at night. It was actually scaring him.

And then I experienced serendipity. One  day after I sprayed Lucky I reached over and sprayed my knee, and my arms and legs. About 5 little sprays. And then I went for a walk, and I walked two miles and had no pain. I was afraid to tell anybody.

A few days later I walked with my husband, about a 2 mile walk, up and down hills. He stopped suddenly and said: “You didn’t have to stop??!  I told him about the spray.

When i first started using it on my knee, I used it every day. Then my knee didn’t hurt anymore so now I use it after a shower (every other day), about 5 short sprays on my arms and legs.

Our friends from Turkey came to visit last week, and Mehmet said his calves ached all the time, 24/7. So Rosie and I sent him into the downstairs power room with magnesium spray, he sprayed his calves and came out and said…“It’s a Miracle.” Rosie and I both laughed, but it was a miracle. He sprays his calves everyday and for one week he has been pain free.

Everybody needs magnesium. Your body can’t store it so you can’t poison yourself. If you get too much you’ll have loose bowels. That’s all. Just start taking less.

You can probably get the same relief by soaking your feet in Epson Salts at the end of or the the beginning of your day. Plants like magnesium too. The Epson Salts bag gives you the details. Our ancestors probably knew all this stuff.

If you want to read about Magnesium – the book is THE MAGNESIUM MIRACLE. Paperback, at Amazon.com.

by Tanna Kasperowicz, practicing medicine without a license.


© Copyright 2016 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed