Power to the People!

In the immediate aftermath of the defeat of Article 14 at Town Meeting Monday night, I was so focused on the chess game – what’s their next move/what’s our next move – that I failed to fully grasp and appreciate the importance of that vote. I apologize to everyone I spoke to yesterday for being the skunk at the party.

For despite the Moderator’s attempt to keep the discussion focused on the issue and not on personalities, there was not a person in that room that did not know that this was a referendum not only on the Acting Town Manager, but also on the BoS and those Town officials who support them.

It was a significant and crucial victory. As it turns out, you can fight Town Hall – even if in the prevailing atmosphere of vindictiveness and retaliation it depends on a secret ballot – and the people do hold the power.

It is incumbent upon us to use that power to seize the momentum, to carpe diem, and to insist our Town leaders act in accordance with our vote.

The essence of that vote is that we the people will not endorse your efforts to consolidate power in a small insider group and to do so in violation of our governing law. Nor do we subscribe to your arrogant assertion that you deserve to have your own way. This is, after all, as one gentleman stated, a democracy. You were elected, not crowned.

Take a victory lap but having found our collective voice, let us not now be silent. To be complacent in victory is to seize defeat from the jaws of victory.

You done good. Don’t stop now. Write letters, email, talk to your selectmen. Show up at the BoS meeting Tuesday night. Demand they immediately issue an RFP for a Town Manager who meets the conditions set forth in the Town Manager Act.

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