Plymouth and Norfolk State Committeeman race results

Here are the results for the Tuesday, March 6 race for the Republican State Committeeman for the Plymouth and Norfolk Senatorial District:


John Cafferty (I)           74

Peter Buckley                727 W

Bill Harris                        27


John Cafferty (I)           161

Peter Buckley                249

Bill Harris                        1,451 W


John Cafferty (I)          1,416 W

Peter Buckley                645

Bill Harris                         115


John Cafferty (I)             239

Peter Buckley                  290 W

Bill Harris                           42


John Cafferty (I)             538

Peter Buckley                  791 W

Bill Harris                          640


John Cafferty (I)            326

Peter Buckley                  526 W

Bill Harris                          117


John Cafferty (I)          577

Peter Buckley                886 W

Bill Harris                        157


John Cafferty (I)           1,577 W

Peter Buckley                  1,317

Bill Harris                            318

Candidate totals:

Peter Buckley      5,431 Win @        41.1%

John Cafferty       4,908 Place @     37.2%

Bill Harris            2,867 Show @     21.7%

Total votes cast: 13,206

Congratulations to Peter Buckley on becoming the new state committeeman for the district. Together with Janet Fogarty, the district has high hopes and is expecting great things over the next four years for Republicans. Best wishes to both Peter and Janet.

A big shout-out goes to John Cafferty for his eight years at the helm and also to Bill Harris for mounting a commendable first-time challenge. There are no losers – only winners – as long as we all work together for common goals and ideals.



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