Petitioners’ Cat Dam Appeal goes forward

(Petitioners’ Cat Dam Appeal goes forward)

By Tanna Kasperowicz

Karen Quigley and Steve Brown received notification today that MEPA (Mass. Dept. of Environmental Policy Act) will uphold the decision of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on Cohasset’s Cat Dam at Little Inner Harbor. (Petitioners’ Cat Dam Appeal goes forward)  Quigley and Brown spearheaded a citizen’s group that appealed the local Conservation Commission’s order of conditions on the matter. The appeal necessitated  the issuance of a Superceding Order of Conditions by the DEP., which can not be issued until the project complies with MEPA.

Maeve Vallely-Bartlett, Assistant Secretary at MEPA, told John Richard Huscksham, Jr. of Town Counsel’s office, that the MassDEP’s Southeast Regional Office informed the Town that the project exceeds the MEPA review threshold at 301 CMR 11.03(3)(a)(1)(b) because it will alter 10 or more acres of wetlands – in this case Land Under Ocean.

Accordingly, Ms.Vallely-Bartlett said the threshold requires the submission of both an Environmental Notification Form (ENF) and a mandatory Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and a Chapter 91 Waterways Permit.

“Therefore I must find that the project – because it requires State agency Actions and exceeds a MEPA review threshold – is subject of review under MEPA. As such, it requires the submission of an ENF and is subject to a mandatory EIR. However, the Town may avail itself of the opportunity to request a full waiver of the requirement to submit an EIR by submitting an Expanded ENF, as detailed in the MEPA regulations at 301 CMR 11.05(&) and 11.11.” Vallely-Bartlett encouraged the Town to schedule a pre-filing meeting with her office.

Ms. Quigley noted the following:

This is the link on how to submit a comment tMEPA. There is a 30day window from when it gets posted in the Monitor.

Here is the link to the page to check to see when Cat Dam gets posted.

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