Peter DeCaprio fibs

Let’s talk about last year’s election and my role in soliciting donations for Russ Bonetti and Selectman Karen Quigley, according to a commentary by Peter DeCaprio in last week’s Mariner. DeCaprio considers what I did “real fraud.”

Here’s what did occur.

Gerd Ordelheide called me and asked me whom he should support in the 2013 elections. He said he wanted to send them money.

I told him my guys were Bonetti and Quigley. Ordelheide was a little concerned about supporting anyone named Quigley but I assured him she was a good Quigley. I then asked Bonetti and Quigley if they would accept campaign donations from Ordelheide. Bonetti said no. Like Bonetti, Quigley initially said no, but then said maybe it would be ok if it were a token amount.

I called Gerd and told him the same.  No for Bonetti but “A token amount would be ok for Quigley” I said.

Several weeks into the campaign one of Gerd’s associates called and asked me for Quigley’s address. A few days later Quigley received a corporate check from the Red Lion Inn for $1000.00. A week later she personally visited the Red Lion and returned the check to Elke Ordelhide, thanking Gerd for the thought and explaining why she couldn’t accept it.  She told Elke that her campaign chest was healthy, that she had actually started refusing donations.

After Quilgey got through the contentious election, fighting ugly emails and election fraud signs, a rumor began surfacing in the late summer that she had taken money under the table from Gerd. The rumor was investigated, and there was found to be no truth to the rumor. And Peter DeCaprio knows there was no truth to the rumor. But it’s a story DeCaprio and his minions have been dying to get into the public domain to confuse the public and get ready for spring 2014 elections. Thanks to the Mariner, that permits its commentators to freely attack everyone with no confirmation of any facts, DeCaprio and minions will be developing lots of great stories for their 2014 election scrapbook.

At least they’re using their real names, and not frozenturkeyballs and other stuff. I have been told that many of the more contentious posts on the Mariner’s old blog allegedly led directly to Crow Pont Partners in Scituate. DeCaprio owns 20% of the stock in Crow Point, his partner owns the other 20% and Mcquarie Bank of Australia owns the other 60%.  McQuarie also owns Aquarion Water and we understand Cohasset’s act-up town manager is talking to the Hingham (an earlier version of this blog said Scituate, but that was incorrect) town administration about the town’s interest in buying Aquarion’s water pipes in North Cohasset. Of course those crumbling pipes also go to Hull.  Maybe if Aquarion gave us the pipes I would be interested, the pipes and maybe $16  million towards our major costs in upgrading the infrastructure.

In any case, there has not been a public discussion of this matter.  I don’t think the selectmen know about it. I watch and record all their meetings. If the act-up town manager is already talking to Hingham, should there not be some public discussion about it at the town’s executive board level? I mean, before act-up is trapseing to Hingham to scope things out? why was this not part of the selecmen’s goals and objectives meeting?

The rest of DeCaprio’s article is dribble, dribble, dribble. Coughlin sends out advice to everyone every day about everything – we all get it: the Mariner, the Ledger, the Globe, Tinytown Unleashed, Peter Pratt and various other people.

Because we have not had a town manager in Cohasset for almost two years, I am happy to have a real town manager’s view on many government issues. Coughlin’s wicked smart, and all I can say is “We should have kept that puppy.” The puppy we kept is vicious, bites and tells fibs.

As for three of the members of the board having alleged conflicts in dealing with the Coughlin lawsuit – we think not.

Koed both hired and fired Coughlin. Quigley and Gjesteby weren’t on the board when Coughlin was fired or hired. None of the three have any financial transactions with Coughlin so it is almost impossible that they would be in conflict of interest in dealing with Coughlin’s lawsuit.  In fact, if all three people should not be permitted to participate in the Coughlin lawsuit Selectmen Diane Kennedy and Steve Gaumer would have to sit on their hands. They would not have enough members to vote.

As for the rest of DeCaprio’s dribble – I would like to know how he got any of our personal emails. Who is giving him these little treats for him to dissect?

Note: Peter DeCaprio has no role on this blog. He will not be permitted to respond to this post.  He was cut off years ago.  

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