More on Pay Raises in Weymouth by Bob Montgomery Thomas

These people are never satisfied with having it all.

They always want more…

As reported by Anne Hilbert in the Tinytown Gazette’s Blog  and print versions, the Ordinance Review Committee has been meeting during the day, when most working people don’t have the ability to attend.  All the public gets is delayed minutes sometimes a month or so after the facts.  In a recent meeting, the committee accepted the minutes of at least the six previous meetings.  Well, I guess that’s pretty timely, wouldn’t you agree?

For some reasons, as of today at least, the committee’s agendas were not posted online.  “How could that have happened?” one might ask.

Before I go any further, let me show you the section of the Charter that controls what the committee is supposed to do:


Not later than the first day of July, at five year intervals, in each year ending in a five or in a zero, the mayor and town council shall provide for a review to be made of the ordinances of the town for the purpose of preparing a proposed revision or recodification of the same, without substantive change.

That the committee was appointed late and didn’t start to meet until November is not a problem, right?  That they were working from an incorrect copy of the Ordinances for several meetings is nothing either, correct?  It’s all in the minutes; I’m not making any of this up.

“Such review shall be made by a special committee to consist of nine members, four of these members shall be appointed by the town council president and five of the members shall be appointed by the mayor. At least two of the persons appointed by the town council president shall be members of the town council and the remaining members shall be voters of the town.


“The special committee shall file its report with the clerk of the council, not later than the first day of May in the year following the year in which the committee is appointed. The recommend-ations of the special committee shall appear on the council agenda for action before the fifteenth day of June in said year and if not so scheduled by the clerk of the council the matter shall come before the council for action at its next meeting held following the said fifteenth day of June and no other business shall be in order until such report has been acted upon, by roll call vote.”

In her report, Anne said that the committee’s consensus thus far (somewhat reinforced by its minutes) is to increase the salary for the mayor and the town councilors by 40 % and 100 % respectively.  What is happening is that the HR Director was asked afterward to poke around to see what other elected officials in other cities are pulling down for their arduous work so that an apropos suggestion might be made to the full council, who will then refer it to the Budget Management Committee, who will report back that, “Yes, we all deserve more.”  At that point, a vote will be taken and the measure will pass by a seven to three vote, with one abstention.

Back to the committee’s sordid makeup: once again, we have a committee stacked with town employees and no real citizens – you know – the people who are directly affected by the rules and regs.  I guess that way; the committee can take its direction indirectly through the mayor without her really having to get her hands dirty.  That’s really special…

That the interim Health Director, who lives elsewhere, is now the chair because resident/voter and Registrar of Voters now-former chair, Mickey Cronin, has failed to show up or call to let the others know her intentions shouldn’t be a problem.  Just because the mayor holds sway over the Director’s permanent appointment or the council’s approval of same at some point in time shouldn’t color his ideas or votes any I would presume.

That the mayor’s assistant, who lives in Braintree and was the mayor’s assistant there in the mayor’s former life as town administrator for Braintree, shouldn’t pose any ethical questions either, right?

I could go on to point out the other non-resident members and what and how their positions might be affected for not going along with the program, but that’s not necessary.  You should get the drift by now.  The question is, “Do you really care enough that we have borderline (I’m being kind) corruption here in Weymouth?”

Well, you’ll have to answer that for yourselves because it appears that everyone in Weymouth is happy with the way things are being run.  That doesn’t mean that some of us will give up trying to show you the light but it does get frustrating at times that we haven’t staged a protest yet.


Here’s a link to Anne’s TTG Blog article and the comments on it:

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