Anne Hilbert Stands By Pay Raise Story

by Anne Hilbert

Bob Thomas is reporting on his Watch Blog that several members of the Weymouth Ordinance Review (OR) committee, the committee that germinated the proposed raises for Weymouth Town Officials, do not live or work in Weymouth. The charter requires residency.

Jean Savoy, the Mayor’s assistant, is on the OR committee, and she lives in Holbrook. According to the Mayor, one of her four OR appointments voted against her (the Mayor’s) raise. Thomas reported that there are three other non-residents on the OR committee. If this is true, their pay raise recommendation could be moot/illegal.

I am presently awaiting minutes from numerous meetings the OR held. However,  the  January 20th OR meeting shows the OR’s intention to give all  town officials (the mayor, town council, school committee and other multiple member bodies) an increase. How could something this wonderful for them not pass?

I continue to believe the Council will pass these pay raise recommendations. If history is any indicator, my answer is YES. It worked five years ago. Councilor Ed Harrington is quoted in the Patriot Ledger as saying “I think I ought to get paid for doing a job. I should get paid the right amount, whatever it is.”

If they don’t vote for raises this year they will have to wait five more years and they want their raises now (2012).

I stared in my last column, this money could be much better spent on other Town needs and it seems that others agree.  The Town of Weymouth has the most foreclosures on the South Shore.

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