Paul Schubert gets a Pinocchio

Correcting Cohasset history, one politician at a time…

pinocchiPaul Schubert, candidate for selectman at Cohasset’s May 9th elections, took credit for calling for a November 2013 Special Town Meeting (via a citizen’s petition) in his Our Town interview.

What Schubert didn’t take credit for is roaming school athletic events as chair of the school committee, gathering signatures. Signers were told the STM was vital to the school budget, that there was money for the schools.

Having succeeded in amassing the requisite number of signatures, Schubert then proceeded to use social media to motivate the school community to attend the STM. Again, it was to ensure money for the schools. Schubert was trying to recoup the $480K state windfall of Chapter 90 money that went into the general fund for the schools. He campaigned relentlessly on social media that he was going to deliver $600K to the school’s budget by his maneuver. BUT. Fiscal policy specifically prohibits using one-time money for department budgets. It can only be used for stabilization funds or one-time projects that will not be recurring.

A confused school parent asked this question at special town meeting: “What happened? We were told to attend and vote money for the school budget. I’ve read the article and listened to the discussion. There is no money for the schools in this article, correct?”

After an awkward moment Schubert admitted the inconvenient truth. It was never about the schools. Schubert had to eat crow at Special when the funding had to go into the stabilization funds.

Concurrently, Schubert said he saved the town from high interest rates, $70,000 over six months. Not so much. He did this in spite of the fact that a majority of the Selectmen and the Town’s finance team said the money was perfectly protected at Rockland Trust.

For all Schubert’s hot air about losing levy capacity all that was required was an internal transfer. It could have been handled inside a STM inside ATM, without the cost of a STM. It’s what Selectmen planned to do until the Schubert petition forced them into a 15-minute $5,000.00 special town meeting.

Schubert saved the Town from nothing.

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