Patty Gills sent this letter to the Cohasset School Committee today

Subject: Superintendent

From: Patricia Gillis

Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 22:07:08 -0500

Dear School Committee Members:

It has come to my attention that on Thursday, November 6, Judy Figueiredo has been summoned into a meeting with the Superintendent and to bring in her union rep with her. This action is the result of my asking her about the security at the Osgood School. This was the morning after a school committee meeting that was planning a security drill. This information lead to the discovery of massive breaches in our security, gross negligence, on the part of Mrs Cataldo and the Mr Bonnell.

The parents of the 407 children at the Osgood thought they were sending their children to a safe environment only to have two of nineteen working cameras at Osgood.The same can be said for the Cohasset Middle High School (CMHS). There are 53 cameras at CMHS, only 5 work. This past Friday morning the LOBBYGAURD was broken AGAIN – no surprise.

Mrs. Figueiredo should be applauded not terminated or censured. This is the second time in twelve weeks Mrs. Cataldo’s ability to lead our school system has been brought into question. Superintendent Cataldo continues to exhibits extremely vindictive, abusive, abhorrent behavior.  In this particular situation Mrs Figueiredo had an obligation to tell me the truth, which resulted in the security of our schools being investigated.  One would have thought that she should be commended.  The principals of all of our schools have brought up the security issues with the superintendent again and again.

How a potential termination or censure is possible as a result of this is incredulous!  I did not hear Superintendent Cataldo take any responsibility or ownership of the complete lapse in security at last school meeting.  NO surprise. You, the school committee, Superintendent and Mr Bonnell are so incredibly fortunate that nothing happened in all the years that the cameras were not operable.  There is so much liability here it is endless.

Superintendent Cataldo again and again simply shows a complete lack of leadership.  This passive aggressive behavior is not the quality of a mature, confident, and self assured leader…she is anything but.

Judy Figueiredo is well respected, competent, beloved 26 year employee of the Cohasset public school system.  I urge you to be suspect of Mrs Cataldo’s actions.  I’m sure every parent when they eventually find out what has really been going on will thank Mrs.  Figueiredo.  Judy Figueiredo has the very best intentions for our children…she has been watching over the Osgood for 26 years..   Students go back year after year to see her.  Mrs Cataldo by her own words doesn’t know the students.

I still have not received the data asked for at the Oct 1 and 15  meeting after asking over and over again.   I don’t know how our children’s safety and security could ever not be the most utmost important issue.

Please do not allow this to transpire.

Patricia Gillis


Ms. Gills sent this letter to the School Committee

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