Patriot Ledger villifies Jeff Perry once again

by Bob Montgomery Thomas

Why do Ledger editorials NOT concentrate more on local rats?

The Patriot Ledger recently published an op-ed about former state Representative Jeff Perry being hired as a special sheriff in the office of Sheriff James Cummings in Barnstable County. According to reports, the position is mandated by state law but had gone unfilled for two years.

For those who just fell from the farm cart out in the snow-covered pumpkin patch, Perry was a four-term state Representative from the Cape. He had a self-imposed limit of four terms in the Legislature and ran for the vacated US Representative seat (the, ahem, Delahunt seat) for the 10th Massachusetts District last year – against all odds. He first had to defeat four candidates in the primary from his own party, most of whom had heard some whispers that they never commented on (Eleventh Commandment) – and one who did – one whom I call “The Ten Million Dollar Man” for a major theft that occurred on his watch while he was state treasurer.

Let’s call him Joe for Short — as in the state’s till was very, very short $10M.

In the primary, Joe for Short threw everything plus the kitchen sink and garbage disposer at Perry over allegations stemming from when Perry was a police sergeant on the Cape 20-some odd years ago. I’ll not go into the details here because the allegations were unsubstantiated. Everyone deserves their day in court; to have their particular case adjudicated by a judge and a jury of their peers – not by being lynched in the “Free Press” (WPD’s Sgt. Gomez comes to mind). Perry was never indicted or tried but that never stopped those with burning political ambition or their LameStream Media allies from dredging up some version of the “facts”, even if there never were any.

By the way, I’m not taking sides here. I’m doing what military pilots call a recon flyover. The bomb run will start later on.

The Ledger’s domain is generally the South Shore; so one has to wonder why they wandered off reservation to do a story about the Cape. Could it be that the Ledger, who joined Bill Keating’s nasty smear campaign at the hip during the election cycle saw that Perry was being considered, after being carefully vetted by a former FBI type, for a job so that he could support his family? That the High Sheriff who sought Perry’s services was of the same political party smelled of spoiled fish to some, making the extended smear campaign ever so more joyful to publish?

Someone somewhere probably saw that Perry was down on his back, or on all fours, and decided to kick him in the groin for good measure – once on each side for better measure: and once in the middle part too… for good luck and all that. *%$#*@$%^& – BADA-BAM, BADA-BINGA-BING.

I’ve written about the allegations against Perry before and I’ve written about the “timing” of the alleged victim coming out two weeks before the general election saying that Perry “should” have heard her cries for help in the incident. He SHOULD have heard her? Yeah, and I should have hit PowerBall too, okay? But here I am, still in Weymouth…

Well, I emailed the Ledger and suggested that they concentrate on the South Shore; that they should look into the ex-mayor of Weymouth trying to scam the pension system out of an extra, undeserved $40K a year. I also said that they should look into the political hack who not only pulls down $70K working for Norfolk County Sheriff Bellotti but also takes in a like amount for another potential no-show state position. That amounts to $140 large per year Ladies and Gentlemen of GateHouse Media, LLC… but we hear not a peep or chirp about that.

And it’s all right in our own back yard, too!

We also hear no peeps or chirps about a Quincy/Weymouth state Rep who was recently elevated to become House Speaker Robert DeLeo’s chief rump swab and under-capo di tutti; and who just so happened to take his wife on vacation to Israel a year or two ago on campaign donations – mostly larded on him by insurance execs to the tune of about $80 large per year; sometimes more. One rumor has it that they went over to learn the language in case something required them to speak Hebrew and to be able to read from right to left in the foreseeable future.

(not so) Funny thing is is that for 18 years the now under-capo had no challengers; thus building up a very sizable war chest nearing $400K today. He spent a lot of money over the years wining and dining his “migliori amici per sempre” (BFF’s) and gave zilch to the local food pantries, according to his campaign finance reports at least.

Last year he gave an underwhelming $100 to the WFP in a very major act of benevolence, so there is that to his credit.

But I digress…

The OCPF probably never found the unreported $10-15K in one year alone – perhaps much, much more considering printing and functions that he paid many $thousands for while he had no challengers – which he bestowed upon both the Democrat State Committee and the Coupe DeVille Committees over the last three or four years. But hey, maybe they will some day.

Hold your breath long enough and the State Ethics Commission may get its act together too.

(Okay, release your breath now because I don’t want anyone to get hurt and then blame me.)

Anyway, the new under-capo di tutti recently amended many of his OCPF campaign finance reports to make it more difficult to track down his spending habits, but the originals are all still there – intact.

As the old saying goes, “No place to run and no place to hide!”

Just prior to his recent rise, Rep Rump-swab had a challenge from a 22-year-old Weymouth college senior majoring in political science at BSU – with no money mind you – who almost put the wood to the then-future under-capo. The Ledger scribe who wrote about that contest blew the young man off saying that he was not a serious candidate “because he had raised no money”.

That the young challenger had had a brain tumor at about 13 years of age; had numerous surgeries and other treatments; lost over a year of school because of his medical issues and still graduated with his original high school class; and that the same scribe had written a front-page, top-of-the-fold story about the young man four-and-a-half years ago talking about his courage is mind boggling. The scribe has still not seen fit to apologize – in print – for dissing him.

Too much to ask? No! If you dis someone in print, then one should be man enough to apologize in the same venue. But hey, that’s just my humble opinion…

The young, Independent challenger had a 44 percent showing in Weymouth and 34 percent overall in the gerrymandered district. Kinda warms the cockles of my heart that the state GOP left Representative Rump-swab alone for all those 18 years. They must’ve been scared off by the “Malocchia” or some other Black Magic bullroar. Either that or the MA GOP doesn’t have any of the testicular appurtenances (cajones) that Jeff Perry keeps getting kicked in.

And now that Representative Rump-swab is the newest under-capo di tutti, don’t expect the MA GOP to even THINK about challenging him. Kissing his pinkie ring… maybe: but no challenges.

However, we should expect the Ledger to continue writing glowingly as if Rump-swab were really the Second Coming in disguise. After all, he went to the Wailing Wall in Israel not too long ago. Maybe he brought back some gifts from the Magi or a loaf of bread and a fish that he caught while walking on the water there.

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