Farretta urges leadership on Southfield

Andrea Farretta

Candidate for State Representative Andrea Farretta stated she is disappointed with Representative James Murphy for missing the most recent legislative hearing on the Southfield development. “I am very disappointed that Rep. Murphy was not present in his official capacity at the latest hearing”. In contrast, Senator Hedlund was present and has been on the forefront…

A Humorous Look at Lawn Care

This tickled my environmental funny bone. I hope it tickles yours. The following is an excerpt from the most recent issue of Greenscapes, a publication of the North & South River Watershed Association, authored by Cohasset’s Debbie Cook who was a long time member and chair of Cohasset’s Conservation Commission and Open Space Committee. Click on the photo to view the entire newsletter. “This little piece pokes fun at our obsession with our lawns, but it also makes you think about the waste – the over-consumption of water, the over-reliance on pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, the excessive amount of time and money – never mind the overall degradation of our land and water.”

God and Lawn Care