Send a card, a joke, to Richie Silvia..

Rich is in isolation at BIDMC getting a bone marrow transplant. He would enjoy cards, notes and e-mails: . Here is his info: Richard Silvia  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Feldberg Building 7th Floor – Room 783 330 Brookline Ave. Boston, MA 02215

Age Discrimination Complaint filed against Cohasset

Tinytown Unleashed learned late on election day that Mark Brennan, former special assistant to the illegal Town Manager, has filed an age  discrimination suit against the Town and its illegal Town Manager, Michael Milanoski. The complaint was filed October 18th., 2012. This comes at a particularly awkward time for Milanoski, and the board of selectmen,…

Cohasset Selectmen respond to request for mystery memo

On Nov 2, 2012, at 5:14 PM, Carlson, Paul wrote: Dear Ms. Tanna Kasperowicz: You have asked for copies of legal advice received from Town Counsel.  Such legal advice is covered by the attorney client privilege.  We need not nor do we desire to release such documents. Regards: Paul Carlson Chairman Board of Selectmen Cohasset,…

Milanoksi’s Our Town interview gives Tom a sinking feeling

I have now rerun the Milanoski interview from Our Town several times to try to get to the bottom of the sinking feeling I get when I hear his version of events which led up to his installation and the first few months of his tenancy as Acting Town Manager.  It is now clear to me…

Former TM Mike Coughlin responds to free cash certification

While Cohasset’s free cash certification was great news– it was not entirely unexpected.  As you may recall,  when Peter Pescatore, Steve Gaumer and Sam Wakeman all accused me of just about everything, and I predicted we would end the year with a surplus.  We did just that.