Opinions about the Town Manager’s Act from the 1997 TTG archives

Statements made in support of professional management from the Tinytown Gazettes of 1997:

Susan Ovans, Publisher of the Hull Times, who has been known to be pretty tough on town officials said: “No one’s running for office this year but then so what? We have Phil (Phil Lemnios, Hull Town Manager).”

Tom Callahan, candidate for Cohasset Selectman “We need professional management in both town hall and on specific projects. …ultimately. the success of (the Town Manager) depends on sound director and exercise of executive authority by the selectmen.”

Alex Koines, candidate for Cohasset Selectman “A town manager form of government would transfer the financial powers of the selectmen to a more qualified, full time professional with in-depth knowledge of Massachusetts law. I strongly support the town manager article, as does the government structure committee.”

L.C. Jenkins, VP of Cohasset Concerned Taxpayers:  “In other towns this (a Town Manager) has helped to streamline and add a layer of efficiency and expertise that Cohasset is lacking.”

From Questions the TTG gets asked, 1997

Q. What’s the TTG’s read on the citizen’s article asking for a Town Manager in Cohasset. What are they trying to do to selectmen?

Gazette: They’re not trying to do anything to Selectmen. They’re trying to help them. Neither the Selectmen nor our volunteer boards are professional managers, they just happen to be citizens who live here. What if Gillette put a call out for volunteers to run its multimillion dollar company, wouldn’t that be stupid? Well, that’s how Tinytown is run. They’re all really nice people but they have no more qualifications to run a town than the publisher of the TTG.

Q. If only 1 (Peter Pratt) out of 5 Selectmen supports the Town Manager concept and the article passes at town meeting, how difficult will it be for the poor soul they hire to be Town Manager?

Gazette: In the how soon we forget category: when Selectmen Ronnie McMorris and Nan Roth campaigned for their seats just a short year ago they said they were in favor of a Town Manager form of government. Now that they’ve been presented with the actuality of it they’re reneging. Oh, they think it’s a good idea and it should be studied and maybe implemented someday after we’re all dead. If the Town Manager article is voted the selectmen will implement it and after they implement it and they get their Town Manager they will feel like they died and went to heaven.

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